Lucky Shot Pool Club adds new members

Gary Vacin

The Lucky Shot Pool Club welcomed six new and returning members and conducted several items of business at its fall membership meeting Oct. 24.

Club President Joe Igelmund opened the meeting by asking for a moment of silence in remembrance of two members who had passed away earlier in the year: Roy Partridge, long-time club treasurer, and Ernie Gabbs, who competed in club tournaments despite being wheelchair-bound.

The following new and returning members were introduced: Neil Donohoe, Richard Gillen, Fred Salvatore, Russ Oliverio, Dave Sinkbeil, and Greg Dowling.

Gary Vacin was elected interim treasurer to serve for the remainder of the club’s season.

Members unanimously approved the club’s Quick Summary of 8-Ball and 9-Ball rules. These rules are intended to resolve any questions about a BCA rule or a club rule modifying a BCA rule. Members also voted not to adopt a proposed “three consecutive foul rule” and a procedure under which Pocket 1 and 2 winners in each tournament would play for the right to participate in the Club Championship playoff.

The club’s fall season is now underway, with competition in two 9-Ball and five 8-Ball pockets. Persons wishing to compete in the club’s Winter Tournament, beginning Jan. 1, are encouraged to call Steve Colby, tournament director, at 480-600-5392 or Igelmund at 415-302-1559.