What makes America the greatest nation on earth? You will find out when you read this compelling story of survival

Author Olivia Hope wrote her spellbinding memoir titled, From the Shadows Into the Light, the Search to Touch the Face of God.

She talks about the other side of the spectrum and when America and its allies came to the rescue and saved her life. Her gripping journey to adulthood is raw and vivid. Readers call this book an “American Treasure.” Olivia states, “The spirit of America’s exemplified generation during WWII and the post-war years are the bedrock of future generations and must always be remembered.” She wants to make sure that this history will not vanish since our beloved World War II veterans, the Berlin Airlift heroes and the extraordinary American citizens are slowly dying out. A Christian child of Jewish heritage, Olivia talks about the hardship her family endured during World War II and post-war years. A compassionate German officer and the underground plotted her pregnant mother’s and four siblings’ escape from Berlin to avoid capture and a concentration camp. They lived on the run from the Gestapo. After the war ended, industry was destroyed and most men were unemployed, as was her father. The government denied the family allotted child support which German married couples with children received, causing her family tremendous hardship. Under Hitler’s ruling it was unlawful for an Aryan to marry a Jew. Olivia’s Jewish mother filed a lawsuit to obtain these benefits, which continued to be denied them, even after they were married. Gruesome discoveries followed the war. These images would stir Olivia’s young life with unbearable sorrow and grief. America’s missionaries stirred Olivia’s spiritual journey to service. The Russian blockade from 1948-1949 on Berlin caused terror and panic on the worn out citizens. The United States of America and its Armed Forces started the Berlin Airlift and were later joined by its western allies. Triumphant, the greatest humanitarian intervention of all time saved over 2.5 million citizens and Olivia’s family.

America made a compassionate difference for Olivia’s family of eight with the welcomed CARE® packages and helped the family through the worst of times. Olivia states, “America kept us warm, fed and clothed us, and inspired hope for a future in freedom and liberty.” Olivia’s uncanny supernatural encounters as a child would benefit the family in remarkable ways. She pleads with the global community to listen to children and to give them a voice. Her moving experience setting foot on American soil is heartwarming and depicts her love for America. Olivia’s search to “touch the face of God” is unparalleled in the inspiring conclusion. Olivia became a citizen of the United States in 1970 and dedicated her life to human service work in gratitude for America’s rescue. Olivia is passionate about sharing her memoir and the remarkable American spirit that made this nation great. She welcomes sponsorship for this mission.

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