March madness/frustration

Sheila Barton

March madness/frustration. Golf is a game of limitless frustration. Like when you have the perfect drive and it hits a hard surface and bounces into the water, when you miss a six-inch putt, when you are on the green in two and then you four putt. That one perfect drive, or hole, is what keeps us coming back week after week and sometimes day after day. The madness/frustration is almost over for the Sun Lakes Lady Niners, and our last day of league play is April 30, 2019. So everyone has one more month to get that hole-in-one, or that unbelievable drive or putt, or birdie, or chip in or the lowest score of the season.

We want to extend a warm welcome to our newest member, Dorothy Thurman. On March 5, the game of the day was “Low Putts” and there were several winners: Joann Brown, Jackie Aagaard, Mary Bohren, Susan Geis, Rose Gallagher, Fran Kleinsteuber, Verla Matuschka, Bev Jur, Dottie Wodraska and Myrna Grave. Putts ranged from 14 to 19.

It’s hard to believe with all the sun we have had lately, but golf was canceled on March 12 due to rain.

On March 19, the game was called “Blind Holes” and hole 6 and 7 were thrown out. The winners were Lavonne Mensink, Irene Anderson and Rose Gallagher in Flight One. In Flight Two the winners were Joann Brown, Verla Matuschka, Sonja White, Carole Kinderman, Liz Tollefsen and Dottie Wodraska. Flight Three winners were Fran Kleinsteuber, Myrna Grave, Donna Sullivan, Ruth Gregg, Arlene Fletcher, Nancy Peterson and Jean Olson.

The March 26, event was named “Non-Water Holes” and the winners in Flight One were Ann Hegney, Lavonne Mensink, Irene Anderson and Rose Gallagher. The winners in Flight Two were Carole Kinderman, Jackie Aagaard, Joann Brown, Liz Tollefsen and Dottie Wodraska. Flight Three winners were Yvonne Manore, Fran Kleinsteuber, Mary Bohren, Ruth Gregg, Roz Pederson, Sharon Fratiello.

Well, that’s it for March. The Sun Lakes Lady Niners gladly welcome all new members. For membership information, please contact President Celeste Dorsey at 907-242-7890 or [email protected] Come and hit a ball (and have a ball) with us.