March SLLGA Results

Deb McGrail, Marion Cunningham, Sandi Frantzen, David Reap, Moe Schoenwalder, Danny Reese

March was a month of our competition events, including the Club Championship and Presidents Cup.

We held the Guys and Dolls event on March 17. Twelve ladies and 12 men had to qualify based on gross score. The ladies were paired with the men based on their qualifying scores, and then people bet on those teams who they thought would win. Spectators were allowed to drive their golf carts all over the course and follow the players. They lined the greens awaiting approach shots and cheered on their favorites. Teams were eliminated at each hole based on their gross score until only three remained on the 9th tee. The finishers were: 1st place Sandi Frantzen and David Reap, 2nd place Moe Schoenwalder and Danny Reese, and 3rd place Deb McGrail and Marion Cunningham.

March 5 – Odd Holes

1st: Lynda Smith, Linda Ryland, Debbi Ebel, Jeanne Nelson

2nd: (tie) Barb Hanson, Jeanie Fehringer, Kris Peterson, Cathy Dunn and Judy Bray, Peggy Huot, Jan Martin, Anne Giles

March 12 – Spring Fling

1st: Debbi Ebel, Pat Henk, Denise Packard, Judy Bray

2nd: Carol Smith, Pat Waldher, Nancy O’Donnell, Wanda Chihak

3rd: Gloria Gee, Judy Cox, Brenda Heyink, Uni Foster

March 19 and 26 Presidents Cup

Overall winner: Sarah Green

Flight 1: 1st Barb Arakelian, 2nd Judy Bray, 3rd (tie) Penny Nowicki, Lynn Tanner, and Nadine Stark

Flight 2: 1st Gloria Fronk, 2nd Debbie Ebel, 3rd Lynda Smith

Flight 3: 1st Uni Foster, 2nd Denise Packard, 3rd Pam Sebela

Flight 4: 1st Pat Waldher, 2nd Sharon Elliott, 3rd Peggy Huot

Flight 5: 1st Jo Solie, 2nd Goldie Herberg, 3rd Candy Bain

March 19 and 26 Club Championship

Overall Winner: Barb Arakelian

Flight 1: 1st Penny Nowicki, 2nd Lynn Tanner, 3rd Judy Bray

Flight 2: 1st (tie) Gloria Fronk and Lynda Smith, 3rd Debbi Ebel

Flight 3: 1st Pam Sebela, 2nd Uni Foster, 3rd (tie) Jan Martin and Denise Packard

Flight 4: 1st Pat Waldher, 2nd Sharon Elliott, 3rd Peggy Huot

Flight 5: 1st Sarah Green, 2nd Jo Solie, 3rd Candy Bain