Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank: How to Hold a Virtual Food Drive

Ellen Engel

Food banks across the country are focused on new ways to collect food and cash to feed the hungry. We know that in Arizona, one in four children, one in five adults, and one in six seniors don’t know where their next meal will come from ( Almost a million people are facing hunger insecurity in our state alone. Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank has another way we can all help.

Welcome to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank’s Virtual Food Drive. The world is a different place and large group gatherings are a thing of the past. So we are making it easier than ever to donate without leaving your home. You can participate individually or invite your place of work, house of worship, or any other group you belong to.

By participating in our virtual food drive, your dollar will go further. We can get better per-item pricing by buying in bulk. Join us in our fight against hunger!

To host your own virtual food drive, please go to, and it will walk you through setting up your own fundraiser on behalf of Matthew’s Crossing.

It will only take about two minutes to set up. We recommend using this method rather than Facebook or other platforms, because we do not have to pay any additional fees.

Join us in the fight against hunger by hosting your own virtual food drive today! Hosting a virtual food drive is one of the most meaningful ways you can help fight food insecurity in our community.

What’s great about virtual food drives?

* Set-up is fast and easy: three minutes and a few clicks.

* Your reach and impact are limitless. Harness the power of your sphere of influence. By sharing your food drive on social media or via email, you encourage others to promote and contribute.

* Participants can see how their financial gifts translate into food items for their neighbors’ needs.

* Every dollar contributed goes further, because the food bank purchases in bulk.

If you find that sponsoring a virtual food drive is difficult for you and you would like to donate money, please send your checks to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank directly. They will need our Sun Lakes’ support more than ever until people can go back to work. Please send your generous donations to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, 1368 N. Arizona Ave., #112-115, Chandler, AZ 85225. Let’s get this country back on track, making sure our unemployed and/or homeless are able to eat.

Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank also needs volunteers on a regular basis. If this opportunity interests you, please call 480-857-2296. For more information on the food bank, check their website at