Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank Supports Many Who Are Impacted by COVID-19

Ellen Engel

In August, we experienced more closures due to an upsurge of COVID-19, resulting in more job losses and families with no money for essentials like food.

When there is an emergency of any kind, families are challenged with many things. Access to hunger relief becomes a priority. When the COVID-19 health crisis began, many food banks shored up their practices and distribution methods so that they could respond in a safe environment. Access to emergency hunger relief is a necessary service and, therefore, the governor has designated food banks as first responders.

Matthew’s Crossing now has a delivery service for seniors. Seniors have been stricken more than any other group by this pandemic. The volunteers at Matthew’s Crossing have been delivering food to their senior clients who are unable to get to the food bank.

Reach Out Sun Lakes, our local Sun Lakes collection group, has been collecting food and cash for Matthew’s Crossing from several organizations since 2008. Unfortunately, the Sun Lakes Bridge group, the Jewish Community, Unity of Sun Lakes, and the Sun Lakes Democratic Club have not been meeting since March. Matthew’s Crossing cannot accept food, but we can still support them with cash donations. Please help!

Please donate to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank directly. They will need our Sun Lakes support more than ever until people can go back to work. Please send your generous donations to Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank, 1368 N. Arizona Avenue, #112-115, Chandler, AZ 85225. Let’s get this country back on track, making sure our unemployed and/or homeless are able to eat.

Matthew’s Crossing Food Bank also needs volunteers on a regular basis. If this opportunity interests you, please call their volunteer coordinator at 480-857-2296. For more information on the food bank, check their website at