Mature life

Older pups make great companions!

Older pups make great companions!

If you have had the privilege of belonging to a puppy, you know how cute and wiggly, how energetic and fun while they are growing up. If you were absolutely blessed to share your life with them into the senior years, you know how many things came into your life you would never have experienced otherwise. While you may think of more, here’s a few why mature dogs are best!

Adorable Habits – You love every twitch when they sleep and the smiling face when you come home.

Dignity – Old dogs achieve a measure of calm, unruffled dignity few people are able to display.

Pup at Heart – Even old dogs remember the good old days. Sometimes they think they’re still pups when they catch sight of a squirrel or pass a lake on a hot day!

Know How You Feel – They have a way of understanding how you’re feeling: happy, sad or lonely.

No. 1 Supporter – If you had to name your most loyal supporter, of course your beloved dog!

Good for Younger Dogs – Old dogs teach young pups some new tricks, like how to climb stairs or get a long stick through a narrow doorway!

Physical Limitations Don’t Change Who They Are – While old dogs’ vision, hearing and ability to run may be limited, in their hearts, they’re still your little pup.

Just think of what you would have missed if you had not taken the time and the trust to bring your wonderful pet into your life that first day! Because you did, you’ve shared a lifetime of love, loyalty and companionship.

In case you’re thinking about adopting a dog, remember what mature dogs bring to the table. They have lived a lifetime themselves and have a lot of experience to share. What better way to acknowledge everything a mature dog has learned than to open your home and get to know all the awesome things they can bring to your world?

I personally know how great mature dogs are. The ones people turn in that are older just stay as long as they like; most people turn away from them and opt for a puppy. Chico is my most favorite boy, I’ll have to tell you sometime. My life and heart are blessed with the mature kids! (Excerpts from Dr. Becker).