May You Stretch

Dannette Hunnel

It’s December and that magical, mystical time of each year. It’s not the lights, gifts, or the story of a miraculous birth that’s so magical. To me, the mystical part associated with December is our ability to miraculously S.T.R.E.T.C.H.

We are able to stretch and expand time and money, but only during the month of December.

In addition to the rest of the things we do each and every day, somehow, within December, we find “extra” time to:

• Shop

• Wrap gifts

• Cook

• Bake

• Decorate our homes

• Address cards

• Decorate a tree

• Light the menorah

• Attend parties

• Have people over

• Go to church/temple

• Have more formal “sit-down” dinners

• Listen to favorite traditional music

• Find a couple of hours to watch our favorite holiday movie

• Have lunch with friends

• Call long-distance friends and relatives

• Travel

• Attend holiday programs

• Volunteer for charitable causes

• Stand in line at the post office

Somehow, we create an extra ounce of energy, and we have the magical ability to stretch that “almighty” dollar for the expenditures associated with the list above.

It’s also the month that enhances the creativity within and brings the compassion out; the month when we stop to feel alive, to be loved and show love; to feel needed and contributory. This is the month when we re-ignite the relationships with friends and family and magically “make” time to honor our traditions.

I think this is the true spirit of the season. That special part of us that happily and gratefully stretches ourselves to the limit.

So, during this time of the fa-la-la-lidays, no matter how or when you celebrate, may you stretch, and may it feel beautiful.