Meet the new Chordaires Director!

Patrice Reis 

“We’re so proud to introduce you to our wonderful new director, Dr. Adam Thomè,” advises Chordaires Show Chorus President Patti Entwistle, “We couldn’t be happier he accepted the job!”

What led to this acceptance? “When I went to the group interview, everyone was so happy,” says Adam, “I could see their love for the Chordaires through and through, and I wanted to be part of a group that loves music as much as I do. After I left, I said to myself, if they offer me the job, I’m going to make it work. I want to be part of that joy and love for music, and the joy and love that they share with their community.”

Adam was born and raised in a musical household in St. Louis, Missouri. Throughout his growing up years he sang in choirs in school and church. His parents, both of whom sang in their church choir, were very supportive of Adam’s interest in music, though they did caution him, “Do what you want – as long as you can get health insurance!”

His prowess at singing led to his inclusion in his adult church choir while still in junior high school. In high school he played the piano in a jazz band, sang in the school and church choirs and was part of a barbershop quartet. The Chordaires’ barbershop style was one of the appealing factors in his decision to direct, “Barbershop singing is an elixir to me,” he says, “I want more of that!”

While majoring in jazz piano in college in St. Louis he also found time to join in opera studio productions, Madrigals, chamber choir and jazz singers. “Music is my passion,” shares Adam, “I am in love with the whole music-making process, from exposure to it, to taking it in and learning it and then sharing it as a gift to others.”

At 22, Adam left St. Louis to relocate to Arizona where he directed church choirs at Holy Cross in Mesa, then at St. Stevens in Sun Lakes.

Throughout his time in Arizona, Adam continued his education and achieved both a Master’s Degree and a Doctorate in Sacred Choral Music from Graduate Theological in Indiana.

To further his desire to direct in an academic environment, he recently took on the new challenge of Director of Choral Activities at Notre Dame Preparatory High School in Scottsdale. “I’m looking forward to building a program where there’s lots of potential. Right now I’m directing two show choirs,” he confides, “I love it.”

The Sun Lakes Chordaires Show Chorus is an upbeat all-woman a capella singing group, who sing in barbershop style. “New members are always welcome,” says Membership Director Pam Klima. “Please contact me at 480-262-1070 if you’re interested in joining us, or come to our practice on Sunday, October 5 at 2:00 p.m. in the Saguaro Room at Cottonwood Country Club, 25219 S. EJ Robson Blvd. in Sun Lakes. You can also visit us at”