Meet new Sun Lakes author

Mary Jane Springer

Mary Jane Springer

Kc Coller

Mary Jane Springer, a new resident to the Sun Lakes Community, has recently published a children’s picture book for all ages.

It is a delightful narrative with darling illustrations. The Story of Baby ‘L’ started as a small seed and developed into a beautiful story. It is unique because the unborn child is telling the tale of what his life is like while living inside his mother’s womb. He has the ability to Hear, Touch, Feel, and Taste. He imagines life and love in the outside world.

I wrote The Story of Baby ‘L’ for my one-year-old grandson Larson—before he was born. I placed photos in a picture album to go along with the story. I wanted him to be able to imagine what was going on in the world around him. I would like all children to imagine the time before they came into this world.

This book is remarkable, given that I am unaware of any published children’s books of this nature.

Hugs to my granddaughter Avery who helped me capture the heartbeat of Baby ‘L’ by adding grace and charm to the pictures in the book.

Mary’s book is currently available online at Barnes & Noble and will soon be available at other bookstores and retailers. If anyone would like to purchase a copy directly from Mary ($15.00 per book), please contact her email address, [email protected]

Please visit Mary’s website at

Get ready to smile!