Meet Your Arizona Rangers

Ranger Frank Franz

Michael Berry

The bigger, older, and more legendary Texas Rangers may get all the glory, yet the small and mighty Arizona Rangers deserve a prominent spot in the history of the Old West. This top-notch law enforcement organization was instrumental in cleaning up the train robberies, violent killings, cattle rustling, and stagecoach heists that plagued the Arizona Territory, thus paving the way for our statehood. Today, in the Sun Lakes Company, Frank Franz continues the tradition of serving our communities, including SunBird.

Frank is originally from McHenry, Ill., and has been an Arizona resident since 2003. Like many Rangers, Frank is a veteran, having served in the United States Air Force. Frank enjoys patrolling our communities and believes patrols enhance a safe, secure, comfortable, and welcoming environment for all residents.

Frank is a former HVAC sheet metal worker, owns Sure Lock Homes Locksmithing, and is a real estate associate. He is also a Level 2 Firefighter and EMT-P, volunteers at food banks, and has been a Mason for 40 years.

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