Memoirs from Mama: Katy Reed (Mama)

Kathleen Ismael, IronOaks Fitness

“A woman’s work is never done”

We all have heard of that

“A man must work from sun to sun”

A woman’s work is never done.

Let me remind you. Lest we forget

Remember the canning-sterilizing the jars

Canning pickles, fruit, and meat

Baking bread and coffee cake

Pies, cakes, cookies that were oh so sweet.

Washing clothes, hanging them out in the winter

Your nose froze, your toes froze, what a winter!

What about that old icebox? Ever forget to empty the pan,

And puddle through the water in the middle of the night?

I remember, that was quite a fright.

Cook meals, do dishes, drive the kids to school

Dust, scrub, scour the tub, and feed the dog

Errands, get gas, make beds, and mop

And if you were a country folk, feed the hog.

Then there’s mending, pay the bills

Mow the lawn, listen to the news

Sweep the floor, answer the phone

No time to get the blues.

We take time to do our hair

Pressing our clothes and pray

Pray for everyone we know

Then again comes another day.