Memoirs from Mama

Kathleen Ismael

Hugs and More Hugs

“Gimme a hug” is often said

To our little child—

It makes all harm go away!

Those tiny arms enfold you—

Let’s forever keep it that way!

Hugs and more hugs make this world go round.

From a tiny tot to old man

They will mend most anything.

Give a lot of them, I‘m sure you can.

We also need to accept a few!

A better prescription you will not find.

From the tiniest to the broadest shoulders,

They are freely given—with you in mind.

Hugs and more hugs say, “I love you.”

And—I’m so happy you are here!

Where have you been for so long?

Really—has it been a year?

Also, I’ve prayed for your recovery

And this hug will show you so,

Another ‘til I see you again.

I love you more than you know.

Hugs and more hugs are a special need

So easy to give, so sweet to receive!

Whenever you are happy, whenever you are blue

Practice these remedies

They are there for me and for you.

I love you,

Katy Reed (Mama)