Memorial Wooden Books Need to Be Picked Up

Andrea Hummel

Things are changing once again at the Robson Library.

As Sun Lakes patrons are well aware, the Lecky Room was remodeled to provide office cubicles for some employees of Maricopa Library System. This happened because the downtown library was paying considerably more than the library supervisors were comfortable with to rent downtown office space. Since the Robson Library and White Tank are the only two libraries owned outright by the Maricopa Library System, locating office workers in those two libraries seemed the logical move.

Now, however, the new occupants of the Robson Library have found that the need for additional space requires getting rid of the memorial wooden books in the building. They are asking those people whose relatives are memorialized to pick up the books by the end of January. Patrons may call Linda Goth at 480-353-1395 for information on how to retrieve the memorial book or for more information. At the end of January, any books not picked up will be disposed of.