Memory Café Seeking Skilled Volunteers

Sheryl Keeme, Executive Director

Memory Café, a program of Creative Engagement Partners, is hunting for a chosen few volunteers who are especially skilled in the arts or in working with people with mild cognitive impairment. Currently, Memory Café is meeting virtually on Zoom. The concept involves a one-hour session for the care receivers who are members of Memory Café to help engage them. The leaders of this session work to offer opportunities for personal expression, to inspire their participation, and to have a friendly experience for them.

Types of skills sought:

* Music therapists

* Art therapists

* Activity coordinators

* Fitness coordinators

* Exercise leaders

* Health care aides

Memory Café is a concept created to offer support for caregivers and engagement for their care recipients. In normal times, the sessions are held in tandem, beginning first with a 90-minute social time for coffee and snacks. Then the couples are split, with the caregivers meeting in a support group atmosphere with a facilitator, and the care receivers in an engagement session designed to entertain, inspire artistry, and promote thoughtful use of their cognitive skills. A successful endeavor for the last several years, COVID-19 has stalled the in-person meetings but has not stalled the desire of these folks to continue to meet.

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