Men’s Niners Golf August Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

And the hits and the heat just keep on comin’. We have had some high temperatures and stifling humidity, but that has not kept the Niners golfers off the turf. We have a few new members. So, let’s welcome Jack Cameron and Paul Feeney. And David Mork has sponsored another new member; welcome, Bill Crump.

Winners: Aug. 6—Fewest Putts Lakes. Flight 1: 1st (tie) Bill Pender and Bob Pender, 3rd Mark Nilsen, 4th Lloyd Schaeffer; Flight 2: 1st Bill Whitely, 2nd Jim Campbell, 3rd Ed Anderson, 4th Merv Hedding, 5th (tie) Lee Boudreaux and Bruce Henderson, 7th Larry Swanson; Flight 3: 1st Dennis Clark, 2nd Tom Bleier, 3rd Larry Schuller, 4th (tie) Joe Lombardo and Dave Mork; Flight 4: 1st Peter Gerdik, 2nd John Schuler, 3rd Jim Deleo, 4th (tie) Jack Cameron and Jim Theobald, 6th Roger Rusche

Aug. 13—Skins Palms. Team 1: Bill Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer; Team 2: Jim Campbell, John Rolfe, Merv Hedding, Jerry Richards; Team 3: Paul Feeney, Lee Boudreaux; Team 4: Bill Whitely, Pete Stein; Team 5: Paul Bopko, David Mork, Larry Swanson; Team 6: Jack Cameron, Jim Wegman; Team 7: Dennis Clark, John Schuler, Peter Gerdik; Team 8: John Gaudioso, Larry Schuller, Bob Deken; Team 9: Bill McConnell, Jim Deleo, Jim Theobald; Team 10: Bruce Vantine, Murray Luther, Gary Nessel

Aug. 20—Low Net by Tee Sonoran. White Tee: 1st Bob Pender, 2nd (tie) Jerry Richards, Roger Rusche, 4th John Schuler, 5th (3-way tie) Ed Anderson, Jim Janowski, John Rolfe, 8th Jim Campbell, 9th (tie) Peter Gerdik, Dave Mork; Gold Tee: 1st (3-way tie) Paul Bopko, Bill McConnell, Pete Stein, 4th Lloyd Schaeffer, 5th (4-way tie) Lee Boudreaux, Bob Deken, Bruce Vantine, Jim Wegman, 9th (4-way tie) John Gaudioso, Murray Luther, Jordy Primack, Larry Schuller; Silver Tee: 1st Mike Stewart, 2nd Bill Whitely

Aug. 27—2 Best Balls Net Lakes. 1st Bob Clark, Mike Stewart, Roger Rusche, Jim Theobald; 2nd Bob Pender, Gary Nessel, Bill Whitely, Jim Wegman; 3rd Paul Feeney, Merv Hedding, Bill McConnell, Peter Gerdik; 4th Bill Pender, John Gaudioso, Jim Johnson, Bruce Henderson; 5th Pete Stein, John Rolfe, Tom Bleier, Bill Bartoo