Men’s Niners Host Hamilton High Golf Team Members

Jim Wegman, Publicity

March 21 was a special day at the Oakwood Golf course where the Men’s Niners Golf League hosted members of Hamilton High’s golf teams.

For many years the Niners have supported the Hamilton Golf program with a fundraising play day with our members. The original idea came from Niners member David Mork who met Hamilton High Golf Coach Steve Kanner. A meeting of the minds resulted in the first play day and our association with Hamilton High golf teams. Those early play days resulted in thousands of dollars in donations from our members, which went directly to the Golf Program. 2024 was no exception. The Niners membership outdid themselves again this year, so thanks to all the members who invested in the future of golf by making contributions.

The original project was so successful that in 2023 there was a discussion regarding expanding the funding program to include the Hamilton High Girls Golf Team. How to do it was the question. For many years, the Niners have had an annual membership meeting/Awards Luncheon. This seemed a perfect way to raise funds for the Girls Team. Our members visited local merchants and restaurants to ask for raffle items to generate funds for the Girls Team. Individual members also made donations for the raffle. This worked so well that it was decided to do it again in 2024. In March we hosted Coaches Steve Kanner and Jackie Walker at the luncheon, and they expressed their appreciation of our efforts.

These events require lots of work and coordination from the Niners volunteers, starting with President Ed Anderson who provided support and some special gift items. The Raffle Team members include Jim Campbell, Jerry Richards, Bob Deken, Lenny Dolins, Bill and Bob Pender, John Gaudioso, and Jim Wegman. There was a special donation from Ms. Christine Ranny of Edward Jones financial.

We could not have a successful fundraiser or play day without the help and generosity of the IronOaks golf professionals Eddy Renio, Kevin Maragume, Jan Roberts, and Tim Wilkins. The Hamilton play day morning is always busy, but we have a special staff member working the Oakwood desk: Barbara Solomonson, who keeps all the parts moving along smoothly. And a big “thank you” to General Manager John Reyhons who provided all the pizza and pop for the play day lunch.

The 2024 play day included members from the Hamilton Boys and Girls Golf Teams, and the skills demonstrated by these young golfers, from tee to green, was impressive. What was more impressive than their skill was their friendly, courteous demeanor and their demonstrated golf etiquette.