Men’s Niners June Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

In June, the number of players coming out on Thursday started to decline. The weather was still moderate in the morning, so our players were not feeling the heat yet. And, speaking of heat, here are some good tips for playing in the Arizona summer: Hydrate before, during, and after the round. Wear clothes that provide some protection from the sun. Hats are a must—the bigger the better. Cover all exposed areas with a high-quality sunblock. The higher the SPF, the better.

We are all trying to pick up the pace of play, especially as the weather heats up. If you dunk a ball in a penalty area (the water) and can recover it without delaying other golfers, fine. Fishing for other balls just delays play unnecessarily. Stay up to the team ahead, not ahead of the team behind.

Winners: 6/1/23 Low Net by Tee Lakes. White Tee: 1st Jim Campbell; 2nd (tie) Ed Anderson, Jonathon Russell; 4th Bob Pender; Gold Tee: 1st (tie) Jerry Perderson, Ron Rudzinski; 3rd Paul Wilde; 4th (3-way tie) Bill Crump, John Rolfe, Greg Wells; Silver Tees: 1st (3-way tie) Lou Blas, Bob Deken, Bruce Vantine; 4th (tie) Jack Baur, Jim Theobald; KPs: #2 Jack Baur, John Rolfe; #6 Bob Pender, Jim Theobald

6/8/23 Cha Cha Cha Palms. 1st Ron Rudzinski, Butch Bosselli, Nunzio Cusumano, John Gaudioso; 2nd Mike Krol, Joe D’Amore, Greg Wells, Richard Russell; 3rd (tie) Ed Anderson, Jim Wegman, Paul Wilde, Peter Gerdik/Mike Halleck, Tom Bleier, Bill McConnell, Jim Johnson; 5th Jim Campbell, Mike Partridge, Garry Russell, Jim Theobald; 6th Tom Reale, Larry Swanson, Stan Posey, Bruce Vantine; KPs: #4 Joe D’Amore, Jon Deiter; #7 Tom Bleier, Rod Rudzinski

6/15/23 2 Best Net Balls Sonoran. 1st John Rolfe, Bob Deken, Jim Wegman; 2nd Lee Boudreaux, Larry Swanson, Gary Russell; 3rd John Schuler, Paul Wilde, Dennis Clark; 4th (tie) Bob Clarke, Jerry Vickery, Jim Theobald, John Sweitzer/Lloyd Schaeffer, Mike Partridge, Jordy Primack, Jim Daleo; KPs: #3 Bill McConnell, Tom Reale; #8 Jim Janowski, Joe D’Amore

6/22/23 Step Aside Lakes. 1st Bill Pender, Jim Daleo, Dennis Clark; 2nd Jim Johnson, Butch Bosselli, Mike Krol; 3rd Bob Pender, Stan Posey, Greg Wells, John Sweitzer; 4th Jim Campbell, Paul Wilde, John Gaudioso; 5th Don Fayfar, Jim Wegman, Larry Schuller, Don Lewis; KPs: #2 Jim Campbell, Jim Johnson; #6 Don Fayfar, Nunzio Cusumano

6/29/23 Best Balls One Gross, One Net Palms. 1st Bill Pender, Mark Bernier, Larry Schuller, David Mork; 2nd Bob Pender, Jerry Richards, Stan Posey, Jim Theobald; 3rd Bob Clark, Jerry Vickery, Nunzio Cusumano, Bill Whitely; KPs: #4 Ed Anderson; #7 Bob Clark, Stan Posey

Scorecards submitted must be accurate. Prizes are paid based on the scorecards submitted by the captain. The scorecards should be compared and any differences reconciled before they are signed and submitted. Scores written on the cards should be clear and legible. The game manager should not have to guess at the numbers written in the boxes.