Men’s Niners May Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

I hope this column finds you and all your family members safe and healthy. As the COVID-19 runs its course, our members are getting in some play via Chelsea scheduling and telephoning golfing buddies to nab open spots in the daily schedule at the IronOaks courses. From conversations, I am pleased to report that some of the members who would normally be gone to their summer homes have decided to stay here in IronOaks. The mood among our golfers is, hopefully, optimistic. Some signs of positive developments are the opening of the Stone & Barrel restaurant. Although there are guidelines regarding social distancing, times, and placement of tables, the diners are taking it in stride. Our friends and fans of pickleball and tennis are back on their courts and playing the games they love. While we are a long way from our pre-COVID-19 activities, just being out on the turf and the courts makes everyone feel more alive. Join in the fun, whatever your chosen activity, but do it safely and reasonably.

Our Niners schedule of play has been modified to address the changes in time, so keep current by checking the website prior to our play day. Make sure you sign up on time and show up to play. And while I am on the subject of scheduling, now is the time to say “Thanks” to the Niners board members who have worked so hard during this tough time. The board kept the members informed and active with off-schedule play whenever it was possible. How about a special tip of the golf cap to our game managers and to Bill Pender for quickly gearing up for the reactivated league play.

As I write this column, there is very good news to report. The IronOaks golf leagues have been reactivated, members are playing league golf once again, and golfers are active on all courses.

While we were doing our best to stay positive, active, and involved in our favorite game, we might have overlooked the work of our Blue Star Golf Team. Make no mistake, our limited play would not have been possible without the leadership of Eddy Renio and Keven Maragume and the efforts of the staff members in the shops. The friendly faces and helpful voices on the phones made a difficult situation so much better. The rangers did a good job of keeping the golfers moving while also maintaining the new rules of play. Ross Buckendahl and his grounds crew did a great job under very difficult conditions. The extra cart traffic was tough on the turf, but the guys were out on the courses cutting, cleaning, and keeping the pins in place. The residents of IronOaks have a lot of reasons to be positive and thankful. Our Blue Star staff and management team members are right up there at the top of the list.

I look forward to seeing all our members on the turf as we move into better days.