Men’s Niners results for September

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The leaves of brown are tumbling down; remember, it’s November. Our winter golfers are packing up and heading back to Sun Lakes. Soon the cool breezes of the Arizona winter will be here and we will join our fellow members at the welcome back luncheon. We are planning for November 17 from 11:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Mark your calendars. Joe Sigillo promises a great lunch and a few laughs as we welcome our winter players back.

New Treasurer: We are pleased to announce that we have a new Treasurer. Lloyd Schaeffer has kindly offered to take up the position. Lloyd will be the newest member of our Executive Board, but he is not a novice at this. Lloyd served as the Treasurer of the Oakwood Niners Couples for over three years.

Heads up for you guys with chits. The IronOaks winter Golf Expo will take place on Wednesday, November 2 at the Oakwood range. Golf equipment, clothes, shoes and other game related gear will be available for sale from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Special sales, discounts and raffles are expected.

As a footnote, no pun intended, we are reminding members to tread lightly on the greens. The foot dragging, referred to by some players as “The Old Man Shuffle,” is damaging the greens. We would also remind members to use caution when removing a ball from the cup. Do not use the putter as it damages the edges of the hole.

Membership: We have a couple of new members; Steve Dugan recruited by Paul Bobko and Carl Schell recruited by Joe Lombardo. Let’s welcome Steve and Carl to the Niners. Glad to have you aboard guys.


9/01. Fewest Putts Palms – Flight A: 1st Lee Boudreaux, 2nd Lloyd Schaeffer, 3rd Ron Betti; Flight B: 1st Dave Bauer, 2nd Dennis Clark, 3rd (tie) Jack Cook and Paul Bopko; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Jim Janowski, No. 7 Lee Boudreaux

9/08. Low Net Sonoran – Flight A: 1st Ed Allen, 2nd Pat O’Connell, 3rd (tie) Marvin Carmickle and Jerry Richards; Flight B: 1st Jim Janowski, 2nd Jack Cook, 3rd Mike Stegina; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Norm Noble, No. 8 Pat O’ Connell. Norm came to breakfast with the guys so we had a chance to introduce him and welcome him to the league.

9/15. Skins Lakes – Team 1 Bill Pender, Team 2 Jerry Richards, Team 3 David Mork, Team 4 Jim Wegman, Team 5 Dennis Clark and Joe Lombardo, Team 6 Mike Stegina, Team 7 Len Dolins; Closest-to-Pin Honors: No. 2 Lloyd Schaeffer, No. 6 Mike Osborn

9/22. Two Best Net Balls Palms – 1st Dennis Manz, Jim Wegman, Jordy Primack and Renny Vowell, 2nd (tie) Ron Betti, Jack Cook, Bob Deken and Bill Pender, Bill Whitely, Doug Baker, Mike Stewart; Closest-to-the Pin Honors: No. 4 Ron Betti, No. 7 Jim Broich

9/29. Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Sonoran – 1st Lloyd Schaeffer, Paul Bopko, Jim Broich 2nd Mike Osborn, Dave Mork, Renny Vowell 3rd Bruce McCorkle, Jim Janowski, Jordy Primack and Bill Bartoo; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Jim Broich, No. 8 Lloyd Schaeffer.