Men’s Niners results

Jim Wegman

February can be a dreary month in some states; snow and cold and closed golf courses. Here in Sun Lakes, the courses are green and wide open. So let’s play some golf.

The Hamilton High Boys Golf Team Fund Raiser was held on March 23. We played the Lakes, and David Mork was the game manager.

Membership: The league welcomed another member, Steve Frazier, at breakfast on February 9, 2017. Unfortunately, I did not have the name of his sponsor at that time. So a big, belated “thanks” to Mike Flannery for bringing Steve on board. On February 23, 2017, we thanked Bill Pender for signing up his neighbor Wayne Aarestad. Welcome to the league, guys.

Ed Allen scored another “Ace” on February 23, 2017, playing the Sonoran #3. Congratulations, Ed. Well done.

Winners: 2/02/17 2 Best Net Balls Sonoran. 1st John Gaudioso, Mike Osborn, Bob Melhuish, Nick Angele, 2nd Marvin Carmickle, Bob Pender, Bob Deken, Mike Stewart, 3rd Ron Rudzinski, Larry Burke, Carl Schell, 4th Bill Pender, Dennis Clark, Bruce Henderson, Bill Bartoo; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Larry Burke, No. 8 Bill Bartoo

02/09 Low Net Lakes. Flt. A 1st (tie) Ron Betti, Lee Boudreaux, 3rd (tie) John Walker, Mike Osborn, 5th (tie) Bill Pender, Jerry Richards; Flt. B 1st Larry Burke, 2nd (tie) Jack Cook, Jim Wegman, 4th (four-way tie) Bill Slattery, Bob Hiller, Bill Whitely, Lynn Thompson 8th (tie) John Gaudioso, Mike Stegina; Flt. C 1st Len Dolins, 2nd Jim Hecker, 3rd Jerry Regan, 4th (tie) Renny Vowell, Rich Funk, Gordon Graham; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Bill Pender, No. 6 Mike Goodyear

02/16 Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Palms. 1st. Ron Betti, Bill Pender, Jordy Primack, Bruce Henderson, 2nd (tie) Bob Pender, Mike Stegina, Joe Lombardo, Bill Slattery and Bruce McCorkle, Mike Goodyear, Bob Melhuish, Gordon Graham, 4th Frank Pender, Jerry Richards, Peter Gerdik, Tom Thibodeau, 5th (tie) Jerry Vickery, Mike Osborn, Rich Funk and Dick Negaard, John Gaudioso, Mike Stewart; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Jerry Vickery, No. 7 Dennis Manz

02/23 Low Gross, Sonoran. Flt. A 1st Dennis Manz, 2nd Frank Pender, 3rd Jerry Vickery, 4th (tie) Ron Betti, Bruce McCorkle, Bob Pender, Jerry Richards; Flt. B 1st Mike Osborn, 2nd (tie) Paul Bopko, Dennis Clark, 4th Larry Burke, 5th Bob Hiller; Flt. C 1st Tom Thibodeau, 2nd Carl Schell, 3rd Jim Broich, 4th (tie) Len Dolins, Mike Flannery, Rich Funk, Jim Theobald; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 “Fast Eddie” Allen with an “Ace” and No. 8 Bill Pender

Rules: In 2015, the Niners established some “relaxed rules” to adapt to our players’ needs and to reduce the time for our rounds. These rules can be found on our website; check them out.

The Low Gross Tournament started on 02/23 and was completed on 03/09/17.