Men’s Oakwood Golf Association

Bob Greene, Publicity

Welcome back to everyone who was gone during the past few months. You missed some very nice hot days.

All the courses are open and, as you can see, they are in excellent condition. Congratulations to all the staff and workers for a job well done. The No. 5 hole on the Lakes has been renovated and the changes look great and challenging. Please help to keep the course in nice condition by repairing your divots and ball marks and not driving through the roped off areas.

All the MOGA Officers are the same as were in office last May. We are still looking for volunteers to assist the officers on special occasions. Contact TJ Jones at 602-909-5406.Your help would be greatly appreciated.

You might want to mark your calendar on November 17 (Ironwood) and 19 (Oakwood) for the first IronOaks Ryder Cup Tournament. Ironwood will be one best net ball from each team and Oakwood course will be alternate shot for each team. All play will be from the white tees at both courses. Sign-up forms will be available at both Ironwood and Oakwood and the fee will be $10. Entry forms must be deposited in the IMGA or MOGA box no later than 4:00 p.m. November 11. Refreshments will be served following play on Thursday, November 19 at the Oakwood Pro Shop.

As a reminder, the 10 game “rule of play” has been rescinded.

Please check web site for all events forthcoming, results and course rules, especially the policy for cancelling for a tournament and the no-show policy.

To quote a great golfer, Mr. Raymond Floyd, “They call it golf because all the other four letter words were taken.”