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Peter Yoon

Peter Yoon

Rick Stephens

Rick Stephens

Bob Greene, Publicity

There are two champions to congratulate in this MOGA April report: Rick Stephens for winning the President’s Cup in February and Peter Yoon for winning the Club Championship two years in a row on March 10.

Rick shot a net score of 185 after three rounds; 58, 63 and 64. He has been with MOGA for 12 years and plays about three times a week. He has lived in Sun Lakes for 15 years. He credits his game to his instructor Gary Vien.

Right behind Rick was Jim DeVinck with a 188, followed by Bernie Duggan with 193, Pat Scinto with 195 and Paul Dinardo with 196. There were a total of 109 players divided into six separate Flights.

In the Club Championship, Peter Yoon takes special recognition in that he also won the Club Championship one year ago on March 19. There were 160 golfers in the tournament this year. His scores were 68, 68 and 75 for a total of 211 for the three rounds. He bested last year’s win by five strokes. All the results can be found at

The Oakwood/Cottonwood Home and Home will be held on Thursday, April 7 and Saturday, April 9. There is no afternoon play on Saturday and there is a $20 entry fee.

A three club “Monte” will be held on April 14. Note: a player will only be permitted to bring three clubs plus a putter to the course.

The MOGA Member/Member (Chapman) will be held on April 21. There is no afternoon play. There is a $20 team entry fee.

On May 5 you will have an opportunity to test your golfing skill against our club pro Mr. Eddy Renio.

As a reminder: On the third Thursday of each month, following morning and afternoon play, drinks are provided by MOGA” at the Pro Shop in appreciation for your membership. (Please be aware of the coming summer impact of the Ironwood renovation project).

MOGA would like to say welcome to Dan Bogaard, our new Handicap Chairperson to help reduce the workload of our Membership Chairperson Brian Keene.

For all the happenings of MOGA be sure to visit the web site at

In the words of a great comedian, Jim Bishop, “Golf is played by 20 million men whose wives think they are out having fun.”