Message from the President

Leonard Horst

We have successfully completed another year of operations, our annual election of board members, and our annual meeting. Now we look forward to a new year, new events, and new projects for our community.

We are all keenly aware that we live in a 45-year-old community and that we have an aging infrastructure that requires ongoing inspection, scrutiny, maintenance, and replacement. We are also aware of the increased and increasing costs of goods and services in all areas of our operation.

Over the course of the past few years, our association has accomplished many projects that are now part of our everyday lives: the Administration Center, the Fitness Activity Center, the Cottonwood restaurant upgrade, the Computer Learning Center, the upgraded pump stations at both Cottonwood and Palo Verde, and the Sisk Park multi-purpose area.

Heading into 2024, we are continuing the complete upgrade of the controllers and sprinkler heads on both of our golf courses. Other projects that are on the radar include the 2024 recommendations of the Facilities and Grounds Committee: the Cottonwood Complex, which includes the pool and surrounding areas, the courtyard area and meeting rooms, and the San Tan Ballroom; a long-term plan for technology, which is a critical piece of the infrastructure of our association; a review of our governing documents that were written over 40 years ago; a full review of our Architectural Rules and Procedures; and a full review of our Board Policies. We will be bringing updates to the community on these and other projects on a regular basis.

Enjoy the beautiful weather, and be safe every day!