Metal Lokators welcomes all


Virginia Koehler

In January, the Metal Lokators went outside of town and did some metal detecting. Since it had rained earlier in the week, the ground was a little softer and easier to hunt.

In February, the members will meet at Arrowhead Park and practice hunting keys in preparation for our Big Hunt in March.

Sun Lakes Metal Lokators meet the second Monday of every month, October through April, usually at 1:00 p.m. Most meetings are held at Sun Lakes Country Club. Some are held at a local restaurant or park. This month’s meeting is Monday, February 12, at noon at Arrowhead Park after our mini hunt.

Dues are $15 per person per year. Everyone is welcome to join us to see if this is an activity you would like to do.

If you have no metal detector and would like to try one out, you may come to one of our monthly hunts and use the club’s detector.

Anyone having lost a metal object of value to them is welcome to contact the Lokators Club and have our members search for your item. Contact Virginia Koehler at 480-883-9672.