Missing money?

Janice Byers, Sun Lakes Resident

Years ago, while we were living in Utah, FOX News covered a story about unclaimed property. Previously individual states published lists of unclaimed property in the newspaper. That is no longer the case; the information is consolidated on a website called missingmoney.com. This website enables a person to look for their name nationwide.

Azunclaimed.gov missingmoney.com is Arizona’s website. Under this website there is a link to missingmoney.com for nationwide searches. If you find information, you then deal directly with the state holding your assets. There is no sign up fee, no fee of any kind – you do not have to give your e-mail address. Each state has its own form and you do have to prove the claim is actually your property, but that is strictly between you and the state holding your money. You can contact the state directly by phone without using the website; the website is available to keep people informed.

Like any data-driven database, there are glitches. A data entry clerk might put a comma in your last name instead of an asterisk. I have searched using a last name of a single letter under a specific city and come up with a different list if I use two letters in a last name. If you search for your entire last name and put ZZ under the State/Providence you get everybody with your last name. That is how I have found relatives that live in different parts of the country.

Now, just to add a little fun to the mix, search a business you may have owned or worked for. I have done searches for churches and corporations, but see for yourself.

Janice Byers is a Sun Lakes resident and can be contacted at 480-895-0020.