Mission to Israel

Life is filled with exciting adventures. Life is also filled with purpose and fulfillment. Among them is travel to the land of civilization’s beginning – Israel!

The Sun lakes Jewish Congregation is embarking on a sacred mission – to visit the places where both Judaism and Christianity began their mission of giving the world a meaningful purpose – to teach the benefits of closeness and connection to God. Rabbi Irwin Wiener will be leading.

Moses looked over the valley to visualize a dream. His mission completed as he led the Israelites from slavery to freedom. A new generation accepted the task assigned to Moses by God.

Generation after generation built on that dream only to have it interrupted over 2,000 years ago. Now there is another generation that has taken hold and rebuilt and even continues to build on the promise delivered over four thousand years ago.

The many episodes in the life of this tiny land and so few people have impacted so many lives. It is the place where Jesus was born, lived and sacrificed for the very same ideals he inherited from his forbearers.

The scene of his trial, the tomb and then the resurrection are all depicted in marvelous settings established by the Roman Emperor Constantine and his mother, Saint Helen.

The Wall – remnant of the first and second Temple in Jerusalem, originally built by Solomon and then by Ezra after the first return and completed, enhanced and expanded by Herod the Great, enables us to imagine the splendor of worship to God Almighty.

The Holocaust Museum affords the opportunity to witness attempted annihilation of this people and the ability for mankind to sink into the depths of evil perpetrated by tyrants.

The Museum of the Book will give us a glimpse at the oldest known scrolls written over two thousand years ago and preserved to offer testimony to the endurance of time and memory.

These are just samplings of the sights and sounds to be discovered on this “mission.” Please join us from March 27-April 6, 2016!

Further information is available by e-mailing Bety Dar at [email protected].