“Missions and Helpful Hands” at Sun Lakes Community Church

Charlotte Newberry

As the world grows smaller, the needs of people grow larger. It doesn’t matter where you live or what church you attend – this is a well-known fact. The scriptural basis for our involvement in Missions and Helpful Hands is “to fulfill the great commission of Christ” (Matthew 28:19-20). With this in mind I would like to share some of the things we do at SLCC remembering that missions not only means helping those in other parts of the world, but those in our own country and community.

The needs of missionaries are no different than ours. We helped with a windshield replacement for a couple in Romania. That was an experience. We were car window replacement seattle experts… Maybe not, but close. Christian Ministries USA at ASU guides students from all around the globe with Salvation Army, Rainbow Acres and Sunshine Acres being just as important. Some of our congregation volunteers at Casa de Amor in Mesa and wherever else they are needed. The support we send helps different ministries with projects in the Philippines, the Asian-Pacific Rim, Thailand and other places.

Two new works have been added to our list – layettes for newborn babies and hygiene bags for the homeless. When needs are presented (if at all possible) that is the time to do something about it! In both cases that’s exactly what happened – a grandmother came in to one of the facilities to apply for help for her granddaughter who was expecting her first baby and did not even have a blanket for the child. Even though there were clothes available for an older infant, there was none for a new one. As soon as we heard about it we supplied a layette which were presented to the very grateful grandmother.

Everything in both the layettes and hygiene bags is brand new! To have something new is a real treat as we have been told by the ones who receive these items. Our church is very blessed to have a generous congregation one of whom works tirelessly making prayer shawls, lap robes and baby blankets for those in need of comfort. As an extra boost this dear lady prays over each one as they are being made! We are looking forward to assisting groups involved in helping people with needs through serving and fervent prayer.