Mixed Doubles at CTC Leads the Pack for 2022-23

Doubles 1: Red Division: Second place: William Jenack and Barb Jorgensen; First place: Ron Ryer and Cindy Guillaume

According to Tournament Director Jay Ketter, “The Mixed Doubles Tournament played at Cottonwood had lots of close matches and a sell-out crowd for the finals on Saturday, Feb. 11.”

The outcomes were as follows:

Red Division:

First place: Cindy Guillaume and Ron Ryer

Second place: Barb Jorgensen and William Jenack

Third place: Martine Blue and Art McMillan

Green Division:

First place: Linda Dirksmeyer and Maurice Allen

Second place: Cindy Cloke and Harvey Brooks

Third place: Mary Park and Lorne Cloke

Blue Division:

First place: Barbara Ludwig and Jerry Higgins

Second place: Carol Trenadue and Jerzon Vargas

Third place: Bonnie DeGrenier and Jeff Carr

The Mixed Doubles was the last weeklong tournament of the season. The Canada vs. USA (Can/Am) Saturday Social on March 4 and the CTC Picnic on March 19, will both be over by the time you read this.

But don’t fret! There’s tennis all summer long at Cottonwood tennis courts. Mondays are for Red and Green women, Wednesdays are for Blue and Silver women, Tuesdays are for Blue and Silver men, and Thursdays are for Red and Green men. And all Fridays are reserved for mixed doubles at every level.

Special thanks go to the people who worked the food court all week and to Mike and Kathy Moore (The Battery Doctor) for the great pizza on the final day. Thanks also to Jeff Donald for all the scheduling and for handling the website information.

For information regarding joining Cottonwood Tennis Club, contact Susan Hood at [email protected].