MOGA happenings

Bob Greene, Publicity

The MOGA officers and committee members want to extend their sincere wishes to all the members and their families for a Merry Christmas and a very happy 2018. We hope that the New Year has many blessings in store for all of you.

As a friendly reminder, your 2018 membership dues need to be submitted by December 15, or you may not be playing in MOGA the first couple weeks of January.

All the courses are in beautiful condition thanks to the ground crew and the new superintendent. Now it is our turn/responsibility to keep the courses looking nice by sanding our divots and repairing our ball marks. The Adopt-a-Hole volunteers are also working to keep the courses in shape. As a reminder, it does not help to replace the divot in the hole; the grass will not re-grow. It is best to re-sand the hole and discard the divot. Let’s work together to keep the courses looking like they look today; “sand when you can”!

The Golf Expo held on November 8 was a huge success; many new products to improve your game were displayed.

Now for a sensitive, serious issue to contemplate while you’re waiting for the “slow guy” to hit the ball.

If you recall last month’s MOGA article, it mentioned that our president and vice president were “looking for a few good men” (Marine Corps talk) to volunteer for a position on the MOGA Board. Well, gentlemen, one man came forward, Steve Newkirk. He is now our “Handicap” Chairman and AGA Representative.

Dan Bogaard moved over from the handicap chairman to become the vice president. Craig Annis moved from vice president to be the treasurer; a position requiring a lot of “time and figures.” Me? Well, you’re stuck with me for the foreseeable future; I’ve been at this position for over eight years.

The lack of response from the membership for “a few good men” is discouraging. One individual, when asked to volunteer, said he just wants to play golf; that’s all! Another member complained about the increase in dues until he realized that, the past three years, the price was below the operations costs and his chit money was higher than his dues! Amazing!

At the board meeting this morning, this “issue” was thoroughly discussed. The effort by the board officers and committee chairman that is expended to make “your Thursday” a nice golf game does not seem to be appreciated by the members. Aki Yasuda deserves a Silver Medal for all the time and effort he devotes every week to making the weekly tournament a success. And he’s not the only one! They are all pulling together to make MOGA successful.

There is no “auto pilot” on MOGA. It will not function without your help, and there is no guarantee that there will “always be a MOGA.” Three hundred men, and only one steps up to help pull the wagon! Shameful.

USGA has implemented a number of new rules to enhance the “speed of play.” Additionally, carts should “not be on or near a Tee” unless the cart is identified as a Physically Handicapped Golfer. Please help us to keep our courses looking good.

You might want to mark your calendar for December 6 and 13 for the Home & Home between Oakwood and Sun Lakes 1. The starting time on the 13th may be 10:00 a.m.

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