MOGA March Schedule and Updates

Publicity Chair Steve Engler

Publicity Chair Steve Engler

Steve Engler

Happy New Year, MOGA members and friends! 2021 is now here, and March will be a very busy month with the Member/Member event (Chapman) and then three weeks for the MOGA Club Championships (Gross Stroke event). In April, we will have events such as Individual and team Stableford, Individual Low Net and Beat the Pro, among others.

Upcoming schedule for March MOGA games:

February 2021 AM and PM events combined, tee times starting at 8:30 and 11 a.m.:

March 4: Member/Member (Chapman)

March 11: MOGA Championships March 18: MOGA Championships March 25: MOGA Championships Game descriptions are on the MOGA website,, and results of each week’s event are posted on the website. Payouts to weekly participants have averaged 50%, so come out and win some Pro Shop chits.


MOGA membership is still open for any male golfer interested in enjoying a variety of weekly games. We have nearly 300 active members of all skill levels, and there are morning and afternoon rounds to pick from. This year, over 92% of MOGA members renewed or joined online while having 48 new members, our biggest growth in many years. To join, go to the and click on the link to Join/Renew.

Getting to Know … MOGA New Publicity Chair Steve Engler

Steve was born and raised in Indiana, and he and his wife Shanyn have one child, Jaime (Dusty), and one grandson, Gavin, who lives in Gilbert, Ariz. He spent 37 years working for Siemens Inc. with positions in Indiana, Kentucky, Mexico, California, and the Phoenix area. Steve retired in 2015 from Siemens as a procurement manager. His hobbies include golf, biking, and walking, and Steve has been a member of MOGA for several years.

Congratulations to MOGA member Dan Hagan for his hole-in-one on Palms #4 on Thursday, Feb. 4.

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MOGA Board for 2021:

President: Dan Strafalace, Vice President: Ron Dodd, Treasurer: Ken Gaylord, Secretary: Pat Wilson

Standing Committee Chairs:

Membership: Wayne Karp, Handicap & AGA: Stephen Newkirk, Tournament: Dan Muth, Tournament Assistant: Doug Stodgel, Publicity: Steve Engler, Webmaster: Aki Yasuda