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Bob Greene, Publicity

October and a new fall semester of golf will be starting. The three-digit daytime temperatures should be over, and the courses are in great condition. As a reminder, reseeding is scheduled starting the week of October 19 and finishing on November 9.

For those who were not present at the HOA board meeting on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, or were not informed of a critical vote that would take place at the HOA board meeting, this MOGA article is for your information.

Approximately one week ago, we received an email from our Unit Captain Joe McGraw asking if we were aware of a “Resolution” that the HOA Board of Directors (BOD) would be considering at their meeting on Wednesday morning, August 30. The Resolution was proposing to permit all homeowners to use the golf cart path for “walking” during non “busy” hours” for golfers. The Resolution would permit bikes, children and even dogs on the course.

Fortunately, MOGA President Doug Braun and former Presidents Howie Weiss and Richard Winkelman heard about the Resolution and were present, along with many MOGA members, non-members and homeowners in general, to express opposition to the Resolution.

There was a “respectable” number of persons in the ballroom before the meeting started at 9:00 a.m., estimated to be a few hundred.

When the opportunity was afforded to the homeowners to express their opinions, not one person spoke in favor of the Resolution. It was very evident that the Resolution was not in the best interests of golfing. Too many issues of trying to manage golfing, who pay for the privilege, with the walkers who do not pay, risk to non-golfers, who defines a “non-use” time for golfers, etc, etc. There were many other issues presented that discouraged accepting the Resolution.

When the BOD voted, only Mr. Eslick, author of the Resolution, and Mr. Gary Market, HOA President, voted in favor of the Resolution.

It is noteworthy to mention that this was not the first time that a proposal was made to permit “non-golfers” to use the cart path for exercise. This Resolution should be a reminder that we cannot take our golf courses, or the use thereof, for granted. Others would like to use the “space” for non-golf activities. There were many, many reasons expressed by homeowners why non-golf activities would not be compatible with golfing, not the least of which was the safety factor to walkers and golfer liability.

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