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Welcome Back!

Kudos to those MOGA (Men’s Oakwood Golf Association) members who braved the summer heat and played anyway. Welcome back to our snowbirds. And welcome to anyone who is considering joining a fun and challenging men’s golf league.

MOGA plays on the three nine-hole courses in Oakwood (Lakes, Palms, and Sonoran) every Thursday, and re-enrollment for 2024 MOGA membership is now underway.

This year all new and renewing memberships will be strictly online. (Last year over 98% of our new and renewal membership was online through the AGA site.)

Instructions for online enrollment, the member handbook, and other useful information is available on the MOGA website

Online dues are $145 for full MOGA membership and $75 for handicap-only membership. The AGA offers us a $5 discount for joining or renewing online, bringing the final dues cost down to $140 and $70.

If you are new to the community or would like to spend some more time on the golf course, why not join MOGA? Our Thursday games are a good way to meet some new friends. Last year our membership reached over 400 active and handicap-only members, with golfers at every level. MOGA has an event each Thursday throughout the year. Join MOGA and meet some new friends while playing a variety of team and individual games each week.

Membership application and more information is available on our website

Steve Engler, Prizes Chairman

Notes from Aug. 28 Golf Advisory Group:

 Discussed the issues with the current tee markers. Either need new tee markers after overseeding or powder coating the current tee markers. Additionally, add boxes on the combo tee locations so golfers can see the correct combo tees when driving up.

 New scorecards to be rolled out after overseeding.

 Lakes mainline project has been approved and will start May of 2024. The Lakes course will be closed next summer and will reopen after overseeding.

 Two test greenside bunkers (Sonoran 4 and ?) will be started this fall. The old sand will be removed, and a new liner will be installed. A new type of sand (West Coast sand) will be purchased, which should drain better.

 Overseeding started with Ironwood closing on Sept. 25. All IronOaks courses will be closed the week of Oct. 9-15.

 Oakwood golf will have a Golf Expo on Wednesday, Nov. 1, and MOGA play will begin on Thursday, Nov. 2. Cart path only should last for three weeks on all 45 holes.

Coming Soon:

Oct. 5: Oakwood Shootout/Individual Low Net

Oct. 12-26: Overseeding

Nov. 2: Team Scramble

For more information, go to

Mark Nilsen, Tournament Chairman

Forty-five MOGA members have qualified for the December Shootout Finals. There are two more opportunities for your name to be added to the list! (Oct. 5 and Nov. 16) with the final tournament happening on Dec. 7.

The names of the qualifiers can be found at

As Doug Stodgel, our rules chairman, says, “Keep it in the short grass!”