MOGA news and June schedule

Doug Braun digging the ball out of the cup on Sonoran #8 for his first Hole In One – April 11th 2019. It must have the smartly dressed ‘Masters’ attire!

Wayne Karp, Men’s Oakwood Golf Association

Are you new to the area or just looking for a great way to spend time on the course and meet some new friends? We have over 350 members with golfers at every level. MOGA (Men’s Oakwood Golf Association) has an event each Thursday throughout the year. Why not join MOGA and meet some new friends while playing a variety of team and individual games each week. Membership application and more information is available on our website at You don’t have to be a resident of IronOaks to join our group. Membership is also open to non-Oakwood residents.

Hole-In-One: Former MOGA president Doug Braun scored his first hole-in-one during MOGA play on April 11th. Doug used a pitching wedge 128 yards on Sonoran #8. Any MOGA member who gets a Hole In One during a Thursday event is awarded a check for $100. Congratulations Doug!

Your MOGA board is looking for someone to take over the Publicity Chair position. This is a key position in MOGA. What you read in the Sun Lakes Splash is prepared and written by the Publicity Chairman. This is important newsprint for us as it tells the community what we are doing and for new homeowners it tells them what is available in our community. The job requires use of Word or similar product and some writing skills. The person will create the monthly Splash article and submit the information monthly for publication.

The role requires a monthly input to the Sun Lakes Splash as well as taking pictures of special events like our MOGA Champion and President’s Cup Champion. If you are interested in this position, please contact Dan Bogaard, MOGA President, at: [email protected] or Wayne Karp at [email protected]

Guys & Dolls: A special event was held on May 9th and it was a great success. The “Guys & Dolls” tournament paired a MOGA member with an OLGA (Oakwood Ladies Golf Association) member in a Team Scramble. Within each of the foursomes, the sum of the nets for each 2 person team was added for the foursome score.

Winners were:

1st flight Doug Stodgel, Mary Dyserth, Wayne Karp, Liz Pritchard

2nd flight Barry Hansen, Debbie Horner, Frank La Salvia, Kathy Burns

3rd flight Dennis, Schepp, Jan Skibo, John Kolb, Suzie Wiley

Upcoming schedule for June MOGA games:

Tee times for the summer are 7:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. shotgun starts. Morning events will be Team and Individual games. The afternoon games will all be individual games.

June 6 is our first event in June. It is an AB and CD scramble. This is a flighted event. The A & B players will be paired together and the C & D players will be paired together. The PM event will be Low Individual Net.

June 13th – AM ABCD Rainbow PM – Low Individual Net

June 20th – AM Best Ball by Flights PM – Individual Stableford

June 27th – AM ABCD Cha Cha Cha PM – Individual 3 Club Monte

July 4th – AM Individual Stableford by flight PM – Individual Low Net

Game descriptions are on the MOGA website.

Results of each weeks event are posted on the website.

That’s it for June. We still have lots of games going on…see you on the course.