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The 2017 President’s Cup Winner Sid Schwartz (right) being congratulated by MOGA President Doug Braun

The 2017 President’s Cup Winner Sid Schwartz (right) being congratulated by MOGA President Doug Braun

Bob Greene

The 2017 President’s Cup Winner is Sid Schwartz! Sid has been playing for 68 years, which includes high school and college. Sid carried a 2 handicap until age and a shoulder injury modified his game 10 years ago. He’s had eight holes-in-one, the last one being six years ago on the Palms #4. He joined MOGA 11 years ago when he moved to Sun Lakes and has been a starter at Oakwood for the past 10 years.


April 6 Oak/Cottonwood at Oak

April 8 (Saturday) Oak/Cottonwood at CC

April 13 3-Club Monte, Palms/Sonoran. (3 clubs and putter)

April 20 Member/Member, Sonoran/Lakes. No afternoon play

April 27 Team Stableford

May 4 ABCD 1, 3, 2

May 11 Low Net by Flights

May 18 Match Play by Flights

May 25 ABCD Shamble

On February 23, the Beat the Pro Tournament was held. Congratulations to Eddy Reino for being a super sport and accepting the challenge. Sixty-eight members beat the pro. (There are over 340 members in the club.) In the morning flight, Mark Palmatier was closest to the pin on the Palms #4, and Steve Westoff was closest on the Lakes #6. In the afternoon flight, Sid Schwartz was closest to the pin on the Palms #4.

Our MOGA President Doug Braun recently wrote a timely article concerning integrity and honesty in golf. “Golf is a game that relies on the honesty of each of us as players. Another player is not always there to observe our every movement which makes it easy to nudge a ball into a marginally better position, miscount our strokes, move the ball fractionally closer to the hole when replacing it on the green and so on. It’s also possible to cheat in other ways, like throwing the last few holes so we keep our handicap artificially high or we “give” ourselves a few questionable putts or Mulligans to keep our handicap where we feel comfortable. Integrity and Honesty in golf relies on all of us to set the best example possible at all times. Integrity also means we respect our fellow golfers and want to socialize with like-minded players. In MOGA let’s all keep INTEGRITY and RESPECT for the game of golf at the top of the list.”

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