MOGA November Update

Mark Nilsen, tournament chairman

Mark Nilsen, Tournament Chairman

Many board members and volunteers are involved in doing the “heavy lifting,” which enables Men’s Oakwood Golf Association (MOGA) to be the outstanding men’s golf league that it is. None carry a heavier burden than Mark Nilsen. His inclusion of new games, the shootout competition, dealing with last-minute changes, and transitioning us to Live Scoring has been nothing short of herculean. Mark, thank you for all you do for MOGA!

Mark reminds us that MOGA will no longer use Chelsea. You will receive an email from Golf Genius each week asking if you want to play in the next event. If yes, you then choose AM or PM. Please be sure to add Golf Genius to your address book.

Steve Engler, Prize Chairman

Steve has received a number of positive comments regarding the new scorecards. Steve also represents MOGA on the Golf Advisory Committee. He and Ross Serold are heading up an effort to provide more visible tee markers.

Ron Dodd, President

Ron is pleased to announce that the Christmas Party will be held on Friday, Dec. 15. The registration form can be printed out from our website,

Ken Gaylord, Treasurer

Ken reports that we are in good shape financially in spite of MOGA purchasing shirts for members in 2023!

Wayne Karp, Membership Chair

Wayne encourages us to renew our membership sooner rather than later. Please do this online at and click on the Join/Renew tab.

Bruce McCorkle, Publicity

Bruce will be taking pictures over the next couple of months and updating the online MOGA Photo Album.

First Place Winners in Their Flight:

10/05. Oakwood Shootout, Individual Low Net: Ron Reach, Mike Buhrt, Jerry Tuman, Bill Hart, Rick Armstrong, Dan Strandberg, Matt Robertson, Scott Tolbert, Mark Nilsen, Arty Whitmore, Joe Reitano, Ron Dodd, Kevin Goodwin

Coming Soon:

11/02. Team Scramble

11/09. Individual Beat the Pro

11/16. Oakwood Shootout, Individual Low Net

11/23. Team Cha Cha Cha

11/28. Ryder Cup with IMGA at Ironwood

11/30. Ryder Cup with IMGA at Oakwood

11/30. Individual Stableford

For more information, go to

MOGA Purpose:

• To promote, encourage, and advance men’s golf in accordance with the rules of golf, as modified by IronOaks Local Rules.

• To promote courtesy, camaraderie, and sportsmanship in the game of golf.

• To promote the further development and improvement of the Oakwood Golf Course.