MOGA Play Day Results

Jared Paul

We are two months into 2020. February is already here! And with the recent rains, overseeding, and hard work of the golf course team, the course is in amazing shape! Looking to join MOGA? Check out our website at!

2020 is here, and so is the New World Handicap Golf System (WHS).

The World Handicap System (WHS) will go into effect in 2020. It will make all handicaps around the world on the same level. There is a link to the WHS on the MOGA website under the MOGA menu. Clicking on this link will give you some more information about these new changes, and be sure to update your USGA GHIN APP so you can see your new handicaps and many of the new features that are offered today!

Upcoming schedule for February MOGA games:

Feb. 6 – AB Shamble/CD Shamble – 10 a.m. Start/No p.m. Play

Feb. 13 – Presidents Cup – Day 1 – 10 a.m. Start/No p.m. Play

Feb. 15 – Presidents Cup – Day 2 – 12:30 p.m. Start Time (Saturday)

Feb. 20 – Presidents Cup – Final Day – 10 a.m. Start/No p.m. Play

Feb. 27 – Beat the Pro – Eddy (75% HC) – 8 a.m. Start/1 p.m. Start

Game descriptions are on the MOGA website,, and results of each week’s event are posted on the website.

MOGA Championship: This event ran on Jan. 16, 18, and 23! Results will be provided in the next letter!

Presidents Cup: Coming to Oakwood Feb. 13, 15, and 20. For more information about the event and signing up, please visit

Getting to Know… MOGA!

Doug Stodgel – Doug Stodgel is our assistant tournament director and current club champion (he loves a challenge, so let’s go out and make it hard for him to repeat!). Doug was born in Council Bluffs, Iowa, and his family moved to Southern California when he was six weeks old. He graduated from Lakewood High School, and he played college baseball at Long Beach City College and Cal State Los Angeles. After completing his college career, he was drafted in the 6th round of the MLB Draft in 1970 by the New York Yankees. He participated in professional baseball from 1970 to 1977, making it all the way to Triple A Ball with the Chicago Cubs over an eight-year career. He had stops in Fort Lauderdale, Kingston, West Haven, Knoxville, and Wichita.

Doug joined the Army National Guard and served eight years, and is a proud veteran. Doug worked for Sears for 42 years and has served as an assistant golf pro at Laguna Woods in California (seven years). Doug is married to his wife of 48 years, Cathy, and they have two children (Jeff and Amy), and four grandchildren. Doug and Cathy have also managed to unofficially be adopted or have adopted a multitude of additional sons, daughters, and grandchildren over the years as well. Doug is a 4 handicap currently and plays golf on any day that ends in Y! Thank you, Doug, for sharing your information with the MOGA members. It is great to get to know you better (I already knew most of this… just saying!)

Next month’s bio—Dan Bogaard, president

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MOGA Board for 2020: President: Dan Bogaard, Vice President: Dan Strafalace, Treasurer: Mark Heth, Secretary: Pat Wilson

Standing Committee Chairs: Membership: Wayne Karp, Handicap and AGA: Stephen Newkirk, Tournament: Dan Muth, Tournament Asst.: Doug Stodgel, Publicity: Jared Paul

Webmaster: Aki Yasuda

2020 is setting up to be an amazing year! Thank you for taking the time to read the MOGA Golf News!