MOGA September schedule and update

Your MOGA board is looking for someone to take over the Publicity Chair position. This is a key position in MOGA. What you read in the Sun Lakes Splash is prepared and written by the Publicity Chairman. This is important newsprint for us, as it tells the community what we are doing and for new homeowners, it tells them what is available in our community. The job requires use of MS Word or similar product and some writing skills. The person will create the monthly Splash article and submit the information monthly for publication

The role requires a monthly input to the Sun Lakes Splash as well as taking pictures of special events like our MOGA Champion and President’s Cup Champion. The approximate time commitment is three to four hours a month. Please, if you are interested in this position, contact Dan Bogaard, MOGA President, at [email protected] or Wayne Karp at [email protected]

Coming in 2020, the golf world will have one international handicap system.

The World Handicap System will go into effect in 2020. It will make all handicaps around the world on the same level. Golf Genius, the software we use for events, has created a white paper to explain the rationale and the changes that will be put in place. The link is on the MOGA website under the MOGA menu. More information will be forthcoming as we approach the end of this year.

Upcoming Schedule for September MOGA Games:

Tee times for the summer are 7:30 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. shotgun starts. Morning events will be Team and Individual games. The afternoon games will all be individual games.

September 5 – AM – Chapman; PM – Individual 3 club monte

September 12 – AM – Individual Stableford; PM – Individual Stableford

September 19 – AM – Individual Low Net; PM – Individual Low Net

September 26 – AM – ABCD Mixed; PM – Individual Low Net

October 3 – AM – Low Gross/Net; PM – Individual Stableford

Game descriptions are on the MOGA website,

Results of each week’s events are posted on the website.

Wayne is also looking for an assistant for membership while he is gone during our enrollment period for 2020. Contact him at [email protected]

Coming up in November is early enrollment. We sincerely hope that everyone will re-enroll online so we can save some time and effort and so you can use a credit card.

Information about MOGA and our member handbook can be found on the website under the MOGA menu header.