MOGA’s July news

Charley Akin

MOGA is the Men’s Oakwood Golf Association whose weekly events are held on Thursdays. A variety of golf game formats provides the members with both individual and team challenges.

July’s five Thursdays included an ABCD Three Best Nets on July 3, an Individual Low Net on July 10, an ABCD Rainbow on July 17, an ABCD Shramble on July 24 and an Individual Low Net on July 31.

Winners in the various events were as follows:

07/03. Morning Flight 1 team: Tom Courtney, Tom Wheaton, Sid Schwartz and Bob Dillon; Morning Flight 2 team: Pat Scinto, Charles Fields and Robert Deken; Tim Grimm won the afternoon Individual Low Net Flight.

07/10. Morning Flight 1: Steve Kirschner; morning Flight 2: Russell Cauffman; morning Flight 3: Billy Walberg; in the afternoon, Harry Johnson won Flight 1 and Glen Butler won Flight 2.

07/17. Morning Flight 1 team: Joe Ferrazza, Jim Krohn, Larry Weaver and Robert Deken; morning Flight 2 team: Phil Dantzscher, Ron Wagener, Charlie Tourville and Neil Siegel; afternoon Flight 1 team: Richard Winkelman, Glen Butler and Jim Poole.

07/24. Morning Flight 1 team: Bob Schneider, Jack Sanders and Howard Weiss; morning Flight 2 team: Jerry Petersen, Pat Scinto and Bob Lawson; afternoon Flight 1 team: Steve Westhoff, Richard Winkelman, Bob Johnston and Ron Gielen.

07/31. Morning Flight 1: Val Longmore; morning Flight 2: Frank Gaudioso; morning Flight 3: Bob Lawson; in the afternoon, Tim Grimm won Flight 1 and Ron Gielen won Flight 2.

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