New Adventures in Learning offers a variety of exciting class for spring

With more than 60 classes, discussion groups and trips being offered this spring by New Adventures in Learning, there’s something for everyone! Topics include history, science, politics, health, art, computers, culture, literature, travel, crafts and more.

Join New Adventures to enjoy classroom learning geared specifically for retirees and adult learners. Spring registration opens Monday, January 5, 2015. Classes begin February 2 and are held at the Sun Lakes Center at 25105 S. Alma School Rd. (northeast corner of Alma School and Riggs Roads across from the Sun Lakes Fire station).

Most classes meet once or twice, some meet multiple times. Descriptions of individual classes as well as additional information about New Adventures in Learning can be found on the website at or by calling 480-857-5500.

To become a member, you may pick up a new-member packet at the Sun Lakes Center during working hours (Monday-Thursday from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.). The packet contains membership information as well as registration materials for the upcoming semester.

New Adventures in Learning is an all-volunteer lifelong learning institute affiliated with Chandler-Gilbert Community College. It has nearly 500 members primarily from Sun Lakes, Chandler and other parts of the southeast Valley. Classes and field trips are open only to members. Annual dues are $50. There is no additional per class fee, but some classes and trips involve expenses for materials or admission. Members are automatically enrolled as students in Chandler-Gilbert Community College. The college charges a $15 per semester fee for each semester that a student is enrolled in classes.

Classes for the spring are listed below:

The Hopi

Basic Tax Planning or Retirement

Understanding Annuities

Your Basic Estate Planning Needs

Agnosia: A Brain’s Eye View of Knowledge

More Superstitions

Atheism and Religion

Adventures and Encounters with the Rich and Poor

Nerves, Brains and Consciousness

Our Quantum Selves

Humor: Its Presentation and Reception

Secrets of Television Drama Revealed

Card making

What Do We Know and Not Know About Our Brains?

Sherman’s March to the Sea, Part 2

Experiencing Hubble: Understanding the Images of the Universe

Making Sense of Medicare

Making Sense of Social Security

Science Wednesday – Fed Up

The Growing Gap between the Rich and the Rest

How to Manage the Desert Landscape

Pruning 101

Southwestern Arizona Staycations

Don’t Call SRP! Harness and Renew Your Own Personal Energy

Just Breathe

Just Say No to Stress!

Helping Families Cope with Dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease

“What Part of Illegal Don’t You Understand?” U.S. Immigration System Overview and Current Events

Things Nobody Tells You When You Age

Care giving 202

New York, New York – It’s a Wonderful Town!

An American Tragedy: Bisbee 1917

Challenges Facing the European Union Today

Achieving Long Life Through Healthy Life style changes

1989: The Year that Changed Our World

Traitor to his Class: The Life and Career of Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Estate Planning Done Right!

Einstein’s Legacy

Protecting your Brain from Alzheimer’s and Cognitive Decline

Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo were not Ninja Turtles

French Impressionism

Salvador Dali, Surrealist

Ancient Peruvian Civilizations

Care for the Caregiver

AD/HD 101 for Grandparents

Personalized Hair Care

A History of Arizona

Declutter Your Life: Where and How to Start

Federal Constitution

Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged and Objectivism

The Heard Museum Guild Presents…

Introduction to the Android Smart Phone

Introduction to the iPhone

Roundtable: Welcome to New Adventures in Learning

Roundtable: Let’s Go Exploring!

Roundtable: The World of Edgar Allan Poe

Roundtable: The Real Food Challenge

Roundtable: Grabbing the Gold Ring—Salinger, Updike and the New Yorker Short Story

Roundtable: Meet My Friend – Native Arizonan Leo Recker

Roundtable: Wellness Awareness-Better Choices, Better Health

Roundtable: Arizona Staycations

Have It Ready – how to place medical history on flash drive for emergencies

Have It Ready – how to place medical history on flash drive for emergencies.

Phoenix Police Museum Tour

Out-to-Lunch Field Trip