New Adventures Offers Its Spring Semester

'Safe and Secure Online - Seniors Edition' will be presented by Frank Bertola in February.

‘Safe and Secure Online – Seniors Edition’ will be presented by Frank Bertola in February.

Mary Kenny

Greetings to all those who are new or returning to New Adventures.

Members of New Adventures (NA) enjoy learning, and the good news is that our program is ready with classes for them—and for you—for our spring semester which begins in February. We call our members lifelong learners, and you might value lifelong learning, too.

During the pandemic this fall, we were pleased to be able to offer 29 classes, and this semester we have quite a few more—57 classes—as we continue to present classes through Zoom. (Access NA’s Zoom training video at

“Customer satisfaction” is paramount. We want our members to say, “That was a great class.” That’s even more important to us than quantity.

With over 25 classes in February alone, you will want to start thinking about which ones to choose. Think about these:

* One that might intrigue you is “Zoom – An Introduction,” by Rob Truman.

* You might be interested in classes on health/fitness, finance (including Social Security), our library, and even caring for your car.

* There are also intriguing titles, like “Peach Ice Cream to Die For – the Story of Typhoid Mary.”

Each month, we spotlight one of our presenters. This month, we present Frank Bertola who is presenting “Safe and Secure Online – Seniors Edition.” He brings with him his Intel experience and technical expertise.

Frank reminds us that it’s important to be safe and understand some of the inherent dangers of the Internet. For example, it’s important to know how to identify and avoid phishes, which are unsolicited emails with the intent to “phish” or lure victims.

In addition to the usual scams, now experts are finding many scams related to COVID. Frank urges everyone to be suspicious and stay vigilant. Do not disclose more information than is needed. Be sure to protect your personal information!

Frank will cover topics like malware and the Cloud as he provides examples and ends with five important tips.

Frank’s class and the others listed above begin in February. The curriculum guide includes information on spring semester classes. Before registering, check the list now posted on our website and note your selections for the whole semester. Online registration begins on Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 10 a.m. NA membership and college registration fees apply.

Visit to learn about classes and to register. On NA’s home page, select “classes” in the box on the left. Opt for a class list or for the curriculum guide, which includes additional information you will want for registration. The procedure for registering is clarified in this section. For newcomers, that registration process begins with contacting Vincenza Heisler. Current members can follow the website directions. If help is needed, contact Vincenza by email at or call 480-857-5500.

If you are a current NA member, mark your calendar to attend the upcoming annual meeting via Zoom on Friday, Jan. 8, 2021, at 10 a.m. If you have not received your email invitation, contact Vincenza for details.