New author in Oakwood

Oakwood author Richard L. Crewse

Oakwood author Richard L. Crewse

Richard L. Crewse

Recently, I submitted a manuscript to in their Kindle division entitled Portrait of Betrayal. This was accepted and published as a E-book. The story is a love story with psychological twists. It is available on Kindle Books. The first draft was written in the early ‘80s and sat on a shelf until three months ago. After revision which included four drafts I felt it was time to share with others.

I was born in Canton, Ohio, where I spent my childhood years before going off to college in Indiana, where my major was Art. After four years, Manchester University bestowed upon me a B.S. degree. Later while teaching in the public school system I completed my M.S. degree.

Currently my wife and I live in Sun Lakes, Arizona enjoying retirement and keeping busy. We are writers and use each other as sounding boards. Nothing is ever just good enough as I used to tell my students. There is always room to improve. With each story I strive to paint a picture with words that I hope all my readers will enjoy.