News from IronOaks at Sun Lakes

General Manager’s report

Completed Projects:

Palms Pump Station at Oakwood: Pima Utilities began work on the Palms pump station on March 9, which included the restrooms.

Halley Fountain at Ironwood: The plumbing is working as designed and pumps water to and from the lake. The blue paint has been removed and the base has been painted a neutral color.

Current Projects:

Sustainable Landscaping: Winter flowers were removed on April 20 and summer flowers will be planted before the end of April. Granite will be spread along the walking paths. Drop off areas will be raised and bare spots top dressed with granite.

Tripping Hazards: Tripping hazards along the walking path have been addressed; two locations are left and will be demolished by the end of April.

F&B Operations: New menus for Ironwood, Oakwood and Poolside will be in place May 1.

2014 Financial Audit: The accounting team has provided our external CPA firm with all requested documentation and an onsite visit is scheduled for April 27-April 30.

Future Projects:

Lakes Course at Oakwood: The Lakes golf course renovation project was approved at the March 25 BOD meeting. A pre-construction meeting was held on April 15 and mobilization will begin April 25, with the project beginning construction on May 11.

Lakes Pump Station at Oakwood: Earlier this year, the project was approved by the BOD; however, the project has been delayed due to the control panel. The delivery date on the panel is May 11.

Halley and Voax Pools at Ironwood: Southwest Gas Corporation’s engineering blueprints and proposals were approved at the March 25 BOD meeting. We met with Southwest Gas on April 14 and were informed the work would begin the middle of May. On April 21 they were onsite and met with Ron Kotnik to determine the meter location for both pools.

Common Area RFP: An RFP was created and published for block fence and gate painting. In Oakwood it will be primarily the western side of the property and at Ironwood the north wall along Arrowvale Drive.

F&B RFP: In March, an RFP was sent out to interested parties, who then met onsite on March 16. They prepared and submitted proposals on April 17, summarizing possible options for our F&B department in relation to operations and décor.

Upcoming activities at IronOaks

Trivia at Ironwood is held every Thursday night from 6:00-8:00 p.m. Prizes are given and the normal Ironwood kitchen will be open. Happy hour pricing for cocktails will be available.

Hold-Em Poker Tournaments will be held every Friday, from 6:00-9:00 p.m. at Ironwood. Each person will start with 2,000 chips and for each drink you purchase you will get an additional 500 chips and for food 1,000 chips. Prizes will awarded; please sign up in advance at the Oakwood Concierge Desk.

Paint Party and Wine at Ironwood is the third Monday of every month beginning at 6:00 p.m. There is a $25 charge which covers all supplies. Happy Hour drink prices will be available. There is a limit of 25 participants so sign up in advance at the Oakwood Concierge Desk.

All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet is every Sunday at Sunsets in the Oakwood Clubhouse. The hours are 8:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m. and the cost is $10. Eggs, pancakes, French toast, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy, assorted fruits and pastries, along with an omelet station offer many choices.

Specialty Nights at Sunsets – Tuesday nights come and enjoy comfort food; on Wednesday enjoy a taste of Italy at the make your own pasta dinner; on Friday and Saturday Chef’s specials are featured and on Saturday feast on prime rib. Sunsets is open Tuesday through Saturday from 5:00-8:00 p.m. Along with specialty nights there is a new summer menu.

Father’s Day Sunday Buffet

Sunday, June 21 from 8:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m.; $20 for adults, $10 for children ages 5-12, children under age 5 are free. Expanded menu includes breakfast items, lunch/dinner items and dessert.

Tote for new homeowners

You are eligible for a free round of golf for two, a free week of fitness, a free week of tennis and a BOGO meal at any IronOaks restaurant.

All you have to do is call the IronOaks Welcome Committee, c/o Howard Lundgren at 480-369-2015 or e-mail him at [email protected] to receive your new homeowner’s canvas tote filled with useful information about your community.

IronOaks Fitness Center provides cool exercise

The IronOaks Fitness Center is gearing up for a hot summer with some cool classes. Pam Barker, Director of Fitness and Health Services, states, “When the weather heats up outside, people are more fatigued and may not feel like exercising.” To encourage people to stick with a healthy lifestyle and exercise program, the IronOaks Fitness Center has added several weekly aquatics classes.

“Aquatic exercise is an excellent way for the deconditioned or the highly fit person, to increase their level of fitness. The resistance of the water allows for increases in muscle strength and cardiovascular conditioning. The water creates a low impact, therapeutic effect” states Barker. The IronOaks Fitness Center also provides monthly memberships and punch cards so members are able to avoid the sweltering outside temperatures as they maintain their exercise and fitness routine.

Unapproved board minutes

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE: President John Porter led the Pledge of Allegiance.

CALL TO ORDER: The regular monthly meeting of the Board of Directors was called to order by President John Porter at 9:00 a.m. The meeting was held in the Oakwood Ballroom.

Board members present included Mr. Porter; Vice President Gary Market; Treasurer Jim Willsey; Secretary Doug Bishop; and Directors at Large Phil Tollefson, Bill Thompson and Frank Gould.

A quorum was achieved.

Staff members present included General Manager Faye Stone, Controller Ken Cloud, Director of Facilities Ron Kotnik and Director of Patrol Jerry Alexander.

PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Mr. Porter said that tips for those leaving for the summer are included in his message. He spoke on the costs of maintaining the HOA amenities and listed three ways this could be handled. He also talked about the new staff that is in place led by General Manager Faye Stone. Lastly he outlined the new Board procedures for improving communications between the Board and homeowners. Mr. Porter’s complete message was posted on SITL and accompanies these minutes.

APPROVAL OF MEETING MINUTES: Mr. Bishop made a motion to approve the March 25 BOD meeting minutes and the April 7 and 15 workshop minutes as submitted. Mr. Gould was the second. The motion was unanimously passed.


STAFF REPORTS: GENERAL MANAGER – Ms. Stone introduced the Accounting and Food and Beverage departments’ managers. She reviewed the completed, current and future projects list. She also announced upcoming Food and Beverage events for the rest of April and all of May. Ms. Stone’s complete message was posted on SITL and accompanies these minutes.

DIRECTOR OF PATROL – Mr. Alexander described a portable speed hump that has been purchased to try and slow traffic on major streets in the community. Since this hump will only cover half the street, the Board agreed that Mr. Alexander should purchase another one so the whole street would have the slowing device and traffic would not be able to circumvent the hump.

OLD BUSINESS: UPDATED MASTER PLAN – Mr. Tollefson explained the need to update the HOA Master Plan and moved that the Board approve the document as submitted. Mr. Willsey was the second and the motion was unanimously passed.

CONSENT AGENDA: Mr. Bishop made a motion to approve a Consent Agenda which allows the Board of Directors to approve a compilation of routine and non-contentious items in one motion. Mr. Gould was the second. The Consent Agenda was unanimously passed. The Resolutions are as follows:

RESOLUTION R15-22-32 New HVAC unit for Oakwood network server

RESOLUTION R15-21-34 Purchase of 63 lounge chairs for the Ironwood swimming pools

NEW BUSINESS: SPECIAL ASSESSMENT AUTHORIZATION – Mr. Willsey gave a presentation on the Reserve Fund and the business plan that outlined the special assessment schedule through 2017.

RESOLUTION R15-24-00 Special Assessment in the amount of $175/household for 2015. Mr. Willsey moved for approval; Mr. Gould was the second. The Resolution passed five to two with Mr. Market and Mr. Porter in opposition.

RESOLUTION R15-23-00 – Reserve Fund Policy Waiver. Mr. Willsey asked for approval for a one-time waiver of paragraph F9 in the Reserve Fund Policy due to the fact that components which are related to and necessary for the Lakes Golf Course renovation were omitted from the Reserve Study. Mr. Bishop was the second. The Resolution passed five to two with Mr. Market and Mr. Thompson in opposition.

DIRECTORS COMMENTS: Mr. Porter said recently it was noted that records controls were weak. Documents need to be preserved in paper copy and digitally. He asked the General Manager to study this issue, institute controls and make sure all documents are stored on the main HOA server.

Mr. Porter said a procedure should be developed for staff to support activities that the Board and Committees create. The Board and General Manager should look at the organization chart and come to some conclusion as to how this can be accomplished.

He asked Mr. Market to look at the scope of work that committees are doing so they do not create work or go on a path that is not conducive to Association plans.

Mr. Gould said that procedures need to be formulated to put a work order system in place and design procedures to create tasks and complete them. A piece of this would be record keeping.