Niners April 2021 Golf Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

The warm weather is here, our time schedule is changing, and the field crew is preparing for some heavy work on the courses. As we begin earlier tee times, you may see some of the crew still working when we play through. Give them a wave and time to clear the fairway.

We have three new members: Tom Reale, sponsored by Bill Pender, and Gary Russell, sponsored by Jerry Richards, and our newest member is Gary Horkey, sponsored by Lou Blas. Welcome, guys.

Winners: 4/1/21 Fewest Putts Palms. Flight 1: 1st Ed Anderson, 2nd Bob Pender, 3rd Erich Tiepel, 4th Lloyd Schaeffer, 5th Jerry Richards; Flight 2: 1st (tie) Jim Mendenhall, Bill Slattery, 3rd Larry Swanson, 4th Jordy Primack, 5th Nick Angele; Flight 3: 1st (tie) Carl Burnham Jr., Paul Feeney, 3rd (tie 3) Don Lewis, Al Metz, Greg Sutton, 6th (tie) John Gaudioso, Jim Newman; Flight 4: 1st Jim Johnson, 2nd Robert Greene, 3rd (tie 3) Wayne Aarestad, Bill Bartoo, Jim Deleo, 6th Dennis Clark. KPs #4 Frank Pender, #7 Bill Bartoo, Mark Nilsen

4/8/21 Lone Ranger Sonoran. 1st Terrill Simmons, Bill Whitely, Jim Wegman, Bill Bartoo; 2nd (tie 3) Jordy Primack, Dick Negaard, Mike Stewart, Bill McConnell, Jim Campbell, Johnathan Russell, Lou Blas, Jim Johnson and Jerry Vickery, John Schuler, Greg Gustafson, Dennis Clark; 5th Erich Tiepel, Nick Angele, Greg Sutton, Wayne Aarestad; KPs #3 Nick Angele, Murray Luther, #8 Bill McConnell, Erich Tiepel

4/15/21 Best Balls 1 Gross and 1 Net Lakes. 1st Lee Boudreaux, Al Metz, Pete Stein, Bob Greene; 2nd (tie) Ron Betti, Jerry Vickery, Jack Cook, Bill Bartoo and Jordy Primack, Bob Deken, Mike Stewart; 4th (tie 3) Mac Hall, John Schuler, Jim Theobald; Larry Johnson, John Gaudioso, Jim Newman, Tom Thibodeau and Tom Reale, Dick Negaard, Jim Wegman, Bill Crump; KPs #2 John Gaudioso, Jim Wegman, #6 Mac Hall Jim Newman

4/22/21 Skins Palms. Winners by Teams: 1. Larry Johnson, Bill Pender; 2. Ed Anderson, Mark Bernier; 3. Jim Mendenhall, Jim LaBarge, Jerry Richards; 4. Tom Reale, Jordy Primack, Jim Campbell; 5. Larry Swanson, Dick Negaard, Ernie Papacek; 6. Bill Whitely; 7. Bob Deken, Carl Burnham, Lou Blas, Bill Slattery; 8. Gaylord Lind, Larry Schuller, Jim Newman; 9. Jim Deleo, Len Dolins; 10. John Gaudioso, Peter Gerdik, Joe Lombardo; 11. Wayne Aarestad, Jim Wegman, Roger Rusche; 12. Jim Theobald; 13. Robert Greene, Bill McConnell, Bruce Vantine, Jim Johnson; 14. Bill Bartoo, Tom Thibodeau; KPs #4 Jim Newman, Jim Deleo, #7 Len Dolins, Jim LaBarge

4/29/21 Individual Stableford Sonoran. Flight 1: 1st Jerry Richards, 2nd Bob Clark, 3rd (tie 3) Bill Pender, Jordy Primack, Lloyd Schaeffer; Flight 2: 1st Jack Cook, 2nd Jim Campbell, 3rd (tie) Terry Simmons, Bill Slattery, 5th John Schuler; Flight 3: 1st Jim Coughlin, 2nd Carl Burnham Jr., 3rd Greg Wells, 4th Paul Feeney, 5th (tie 3) John Gaudioso, David Mork, Jim Wegman; Flight 4: 1st Jim Deleo, 2nd Jim Johnson, 3rd Bill Crump, 4th Len Dolins, 5th Bill McConnell, 6th Roger Rusche. KPs #3 Lloyd Schaeffer, #8 Jim Wegman