Niners April golf results


Jim Wegman, Publicity

Membership. New Niners: Bob Clark sponsored by Peter Gerdik and Jim Newman sponsored by Carl Burnham, Jr. Welcome, Bob and Jim, and thanks, Peter and Carl. Another new member is Frank Monaghan sponsored by Renny Vowell. Thanks, Renny, and welcome, Frank. A former member has re-signed with the Niners. Ed Anderson is back, sponsored by David Mork. Welcome back, Ed, and thanks, David.

The 2017-2018 Annual Meeting and Awards Luncheon was a great success. The attendees raved about the food, there were many certificates handed out and every attendee left with a new divot tool/ ball marker bearing the Niners logo.

Winners 4/5/18 Skins Palms. Team 1 Bill Pender; Team 2 Jerry Vickery, Jerry Richards; Team 3 Jim LaBarge, Pat O’ Connell, Bob Pender; Team 4 Charles Hughes; Team 5 Lou Blas; Team 6 Larry Burke, Mike Osborn, Lynn Thompson; Team 7 Roger Rusche, Greg Sutton; Team 8 Jim Wegman, Jim Lamparski; Team 9 Joe Lombardo; Team 10 Carl Burnham Jr., Tom Thibodeau; Team 11 Dave Peters; Team 12 Don Lewis. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4 Bob Pender, No. 7 Lynn Thompson

4/12/18 Best Balls 1G 1N Sonoran. 1st Bob Pender, Norm Noble, Murray Luther, Gerry Regan; 2nd Bill Pender, Dick Negaard, Jim Janowski; 3rd (3-way tie) Frank Pender, Bob Deken, Carl Burnham Jr., Jerry Richards, Bill Whitely, Roger Rusche and Bob Hiller, Bill Stoutenberg, Dennis Clark, Tom Thibodeau; 6th (tie) Jerry Vickery, Larry Johnson, Peter Gerdik, Bruce Henderson, Ron Rudzinski, Jim Monaghan, David Peters, Joe Lombardo. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Jerry Richards, No. 8 Bob Clark

04/19/18 2 Best Net Balls Lakes. 1st Dennis Clark, Eddie Allen, Bill Bartoo, Mel Moore; 2nd Dick Negaard, Jim Broich, Bob Deken, Jim Wegman; 3rd Jim LaBarge, Bill Pender, Jim Medenhall; 4th (3-way tie) Larry Burke, Jack Cook, Bruce Henderson, Mike Osborn and David Peters, David Mork, Charlie Hughes and Jerry Vickery, Jim Theobald, Frank Monaghan, Larry Johnson. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Lou Blas, No. 6 Frank Pender

Best Balls Par 3-4-5 Palms. 1st Jim LaBarge, Ed Allen, Dennis Clark, Jack Cook; 2nd (tie) Ron Betti, Dick Negaard, Bill Whitely, Bill Bartoo and Pat O’Connell, Larry Johnson, Bob Deken, Carl Burnham Jr.; 4th Lloyd Schaeffer, Ron Rudzinski, Jim Deleo, Murray Luther; 5th Eric Tiepel, John Gaudioso, Jim Broich. Closest-to-the-Pin No. 4 Bob Pender, No. 7 Dick Negaard

The Board has had some changes. Bob Hiller has resigned as VP and game manager; Mike Stegina, our webmaster and game manager, has had to resign due to some health issues; and Lloyd Schaeffer, our treasurer, has stepped in as webmaster and soon to be game manager. Two former game managers have stepped in to assist: David Mork and Bob Deken. We appreciate the efforts of these members.

And, speaking of changes, Lloyd Schaeffer has worked long and hard to develop a new Niners website. Take a few minutes to review the new site and thank Lloyd for his efforts.

Our winter golfers are departing for cooler locations. Travel safely and have a great summer.