Niners December golf results


Jim Wegman, Publicity

The 2017 holiday season is a distant memory, and we are into the peak golf season. Break out those shiny new clubs, tee up those new golf balls and let’s get down to 2018 Niners golf.

Membership: A new member, Tom Bleier, has brought us a new member, Jim Deleo. Thanks, Tom, and welcome to the Niners, Jim.

Winners: 12/7/17 Par 3, 4, 5 Sonoran. 1st Jim LaBarge, Tom Bleier, Marvin Carmickle, Gordon Graham; 2nd (tie) Bill Stoutenberg, Murray Luther, Jim Theobald and Bruce McCorkle, Richard Funk and Larry Stadler; 4th Larry Johnson, Carl Burnham Jr, Bill Lacey, Jordy Primack; 5th (four-way tie) Bill Pender, Bruce Henderson, Jim Broich, Roger Rusche, Pat O’ Connell, Jim Mendenhall, Lou Blas, Bill Bartoo, Lee Boudreaux, Bill Whitely, Paul Bopko, Greg Gustafson, and Frank Pender, Lynn Thompson, Don Lewis; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Bill Stoutenberg, No. 8 Jim Wegman

12/14 Skins Lakes. Team 1 Bill Pender, Team 2 Lee Boudreaux, Team 3 Ron Betti, Team 4 Bill Stoutenberg, Team 5 Tom Bleier, Team 6 John Gaudioso, Team 7 Richard Funk, Team 8 (tie) Jim Broich, Dave Peters, Team 9 (tie) Paul Blatnicky, Bill Whitely, Team 10 Len Dolins; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Frank Pender, No. 6 Bruce McCorkle

12/21 Fewest Putts Palms: A Flt. 1st (tie) Ron Betti, Lee Boudreaux, 3rd Pat O’Connell, 4th Jerry Richards, 5th Bill Pender, 6th Mike Osborn; B. Flt. 1st Jim Deleo, 2nd Bob Hiller, 3rd (tie) Larry Burke, Lou Blas, 5th Bill Whitely, 6th Jordy Primack, 7th Lynn Thompson; C Flt. 1st Len Dolins, 2nd Gerry Regan, 3rd Larry Stadler, 4th Murray Luther, 5th (tie) Dave Peters, Bill Bartoo, 7th Jim Theobald, 8th Richard Funk; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 4. Mike Osborn

12/28 Cha-Cha-Cha Sonoran. 1st (tie) Bruce McCorkle, Bill Whitely, Bruce Henderson, Jim Theobald and Jerry Richards, Jim Janowski, Jim Lamparski, Larry Stadler, 3rd (four-way tie) Bill Pender, Jim Deleo, Peter Gerdik, Len Dolins, Dennis Manz, Mike Osborn, John Gaudioso, Jerry Vickery, Jim Wegman, Gerry Regan, Gordon Graham, Jim LaBarge, Lou Blas, Jim Broich, Tom Thibodeau and Lloyd Schaeffer, Pat O’Connell, Bill Bartoo; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Lloyd Schaeffer, No. 8 Mike Osborn

Slow Play – The most often-heard complaint from golfers at all levels is the problem of slow play. The goal of the Niners should be two hours and 15 minutes for each of the nine-hole courses we play. Understanding that there are situations that can delay a group, we usually say that two hours and 20 minutes is a good time to finish. Recently, we found a group that had fallen behind a full two holes with no obvious obstructions. Their actions held up the play of those behind them. The golf staff is as concerned as we are about slow play and has created a note with a list of suggestions. A copy of the note is available at the Oakwood Pro Shop desk. I suggest you pick one up and read it.