Niners December Results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

As we ring out the old year, take a minute to recall the league members, family members, friends, and former members we have lost in 2021.

Membership. We have new members: Mike Ludwig and Michael Halleck and Jim Dawson, sponsored by David Mork. And returning, Dave Peters, longtime member and league president. Welcome to you all.

Winners 12/02/21 Low Net Palms. Flight 1: 1st (tie) Terry Simmons, Tom Reale, 3rd John Ferrin; Flight 2: 1st Jim Campbell, 2nd (tie) Lou Blas, Bill Whitley; Flight 3: 1st Jim Coughlin, 2nd Jack Cameron, 3rd Jim Newman; Flight 4: 1st Jim Johnson, 2nd Bill Bartoo, 3rd (tie) Bill Crump, Peter Gerdik; KPs: #2 Lou Blas, Johnathon Russell, #6 Paul Feeney, Bob Pender

12/9/21 Cha Cha Cha Palms. 1st Bob Pender, Gaylord Lind, Bill Flinn, Jim Johnson; 2nd Ronald Fager, Terry Simmons, Bill Whitely, Bill Bartoo; 3rd Bill Pender, Bill Lacey, Gregg Wells, Dennis Clark; KPs: #4 Peter Gerdik, Bill Pender; #7 Dan Halloran, Jim LaBarge

12/16/21 Low Gross Palms. Flight 1: 1st Larry Johnson, 2nd Bruce McCorkle, 3rd (tie) Bob Pender, Lloyd Schaeffer; Flight 2: 1st Mike Osborn, 2nd John Schuler, 3rd Bill Lacey; Flight 3: 1st Carl Burnham Jr., 2nd (tie) Len Dolins, Rennie Vowell; Flight 4: 1st Jim Janowski, 2nd Pete Gerdik, 3rd Jim Daleo; KPs: #3 Jordy Primack, Gary Russell, #8 Peter Gerdik, Tom Bleier

12/23/21 Low Net Lakes. Flight 1: 1st (3-way tie) Jack Baur, Tom Bleier, Erich Tiepel; Flight 2: 1st Jordy Primack, 2nd (tie) Bill Lacey, Larry Munson; Flight 3: 1st Carl Burnham Jr., 2nd (tie) Bob Deken, Dick Harrold; Flight 4: 1st Bill Crump, 2nd Jim Janowski, 3rd Peter Gerdik; KPs: #2 Frank Pender, Bob Deken; #6 Bill McConnell, and congratulations to Larry Johnson who aced the hole. Well done, Larry.

12/30/21 Lone Ranger Palms. 1st Larry Johnson, Jim Campbell, John Gaudioso, Gary Russell; 2nd Bill Pender, Al Metz, John Shuler; 3rd (tie) Lou Blas, Larry Schuller, Jim Daleo and Erich Tiepel, Tom Bleier, Bob Deken, Bill McConnell; KPs: #4 Larry Johnson, #6 Tom Bleier, Bill Crump