Niners Golf Results for May

Welcome to warm-weather golf in Arizona. Yes, warm weather, accompanied by high winds. Our first play day in May was a tough round, featuring high winds and gusts topping 35 mph!

We are always happy to welcome new members. This month we have three: Richard Russell and Sam Whitlock, sponsored by Ed Anderson, and John Sweitzer who has also signed up to become a Niner. Welcome to the Niners, guys.

Jim Campbell has sponsored two $50 prizes this month to be drawn in conjunction with our weekly 50/50 raffle, making your odds of winning much better. Jim is a local realtor and one of our volunteers, so a tip of the old golf cap to Jim for his gifts.

Winners: 5/4/23 2 Best Net Balls Sonoran. 1st Jim Campbell, Jim Wegman, Rich Gihring, John Gaudioso; 2nd Bob Pender, Lou Blas, Bill Whitely, Ted Piotrowski; 3rd Lee Boudreaux, Paul Wilde, Dennis Clark; 4th Terry Simmons, Gary Russell, Gaylord Lind, Bruce Vantine; 5th (tie) Ed Anderson, Jack Baur, Jerry Bernstein, Don Lewis/Mike Krol, Jonathan Russell, Jim Johnson, Larry Schuller; KPs: #3 Bill Flinn, Don Lewis; #8 John Rolfe, Mike Partridge

5/11/23 Skins Lakes. Teams: #1 Terry Simmons, Jim LaBarge; #2 Jim Campbell, Mike Krol; #3 Tom Reale; #4 Don Fayfar, Jack Baur; #5 Stan Posey, Jordy Primack; #6 Jerry Vickery, Rich Gihring; #7 Jim Wegman, Jerry Bernstein, Jim Janowski; #8 Pete Stein, Gaylord Lind; #9 Paul Wilde, Peter Gerdik, Bill Whitely, Greg Wells; #10 Bill McConnell, Larry Schuller; #11 Jim Theobald, Don Lewis; #12 Bill Bartoo, Dennis Clark; KPs: Rich Gihring, Bill Pender; #6 Bill Pender, John Schuler

5/18/23 Individual Stableford Palms. Flight 1: 1st (tie) Bill Pender, Ron Rudzinski; 3rd (3-way tie) Lee Boudreaux, Mike Krol, Bob Pender; Flight 2: 1st Don Fayfar; 2nd Jerry Vickery; 3rd Lou Blas; 4th Ed Anderson; Flight 3: 1st Gaylord Lind; 2nd Gary Russell; 3rd Rich Gihring; 4th Jim Wegman; 5th Nunzio Cusumano; Flight 4: 1st John Gaudioso; 2nd Bruce Vantine; 3rd (tie) Jim Theobald, Bill Whitely; 5th Paul Wilde; KPs: #4 Bill Pender, Jerry Pederson; #7 Don Fayfar, Bill Pender

5/25/23 Team Stableford Sonoran. 1st Joe D’Amore, Pete Stein, Paul Wilde, Jim Theobald; 2nd Lou Blas, Jerry Vickery, Stan Posey, Gary Russell; 3rd Bill Flinn, Jerry Pederson, Nunzio Cusumano, Bill Whitely; 4th Jon Deiter, Jim Janowski, Jim Wegman; 5th (tie) Jim LaBarge, Ed Anderson, Butch Bosselli, Bob Deken/Jerry Richards, Tom Bleier, Bruce Vantine, John Gaudioso; KPs: #3 Gary Russell, John Rolfe; #8 Bob Pender

If you think some of our par 5 holes are long, consider this: The longest hole in existence is a par 7, 1,097 yards, located at the Gunsan Country Club in South Korea. It is also the only known hole in golf that tops 1,000 yards. And to make it more challenging, the entire hole is surrounded by water.

The Rotary is still collecting plastic bottle caps for the Children’s Hospital in Mexico. Please bring those caps to the League Room in the Pro Shop and drop them in the bucket.