Niners golf results

Jim Wegman, Publicity

It is with great sadness that I report the passing of friend and longtime follow Niner Jerry Meer. Jerry left us on March 6, 2019, while in home hospice. Jerry was the definition of a Gentleman Golfer and was one of the nicest, kindest men I have met, on or off the course. We offer our condolences to Jerry’s wife Sue and to all the Meer family members. There will be no local service, so if you want to send a sympathy card to Sue and the family, the address is on our website.

The Niners Championship Tournament closed with some great golf being played under some tough conditions. Winners by flight: A – Eric Tiepel, B – Ernie Papacek, C – Jordy Primack, D – John Gaudioso. Congratulations to the winners.

Membership. Let’s welcome new member Mack Hall.

Winners 02/07/19 Lakes. Flight A: 1st (tie) Frank Pender, Eric Tiepel; 3rd (tie) Bill Pender, Bob Pender; 5th Lloyd Schaeffer; Flight B: 1st Ernie Papacek; 2nd (tie) Al Metz, Jerry Vickery; 4th (tie) Jerry Richards Ron Rudzinski; Flight C: 1st Renny Vowell; 2nd Jordy Primack; 3rd (tie) Jim Broich, Virg Einck; 5th Bill Lacey; Flight D: 1st (tie) Bill Whitely, Greg Sutton; 3rd Gaylord Lind; 4th (5-way tie) John Gaudioso, Peter Gerdik, Don Lewis, Robert Melhuish, Mike Stewart. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Jordy Primack, No. 6 Ron Betti

02/14/19 Best Balls 3-4-5 Palms. 1st Jim LaBarge, Mark Moberg, Dennis Martin, Carl Schell; 2nd Greg Gustafson, James Coughlin, Larry Swanson, Jim Janowski; 3rd (4-way tie) Bob Clark, Dick Negaard, Mike Stewart, Bill Bartoo; Bob Ludwig, Bill Whitely, Bill McConnell, Jordy Primack; Bill Pender, Paul Bobko, Jim Deleo, Jack Cook; Erich Tiepel, Len Dolins, Bill Slattery; 7th Pat O’Connell, Jonathan Russell, Cark Burnham, Jr. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors No. 4 James Coughlin, No. 7 Ernie Papacek

2/21/19 The regularly-scheduled game was canceled due to inclement weather.

2/28/19 Low Gross Lakes. Flight A: 1st Bill Pender; 2nd Frank Pender; 3rd Erich Tiepel; 4th (3-way tie) Lee Boudreaux, George Ferra and Lloyd Schaeffer; Flight B: 1st Ron Betti; 2nd Jerry Richards; 3rd Virg Einck; 4th Jim Janowski; 5th (tie) Larry Burke and Mel Moore; Flight C: 1st Jordy Primack; 2nd (4-way tie) Jack Cook, James Coughlin, Jim Mendenhall and Bill Slattery; 6th (tie) Paul Bopko, Terrill Simmons and Larry Swanson; Flight D: 1st Bill Whitely; 2nd (tie) Len Dolins and Gaylord Lind; 4th Wally Linder; 5th James Newman; 6th Jim Daleo. Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Mike Stewart, No. 6 Jim LaBarge

At a recent Golf Advisory Group meeting, one of the topics discussed was reducing playing time on the course. There were various suggestions, one of which was to encourage golfers to play it forward. And the Niners were in the forefront of this movement, having offered this option many years ago. Delay in play is the number-one complaint by golfers at every level. As Lee Trevino once said, “Golf is a game of Hit and Git.” That says it all.