Niners January results


Jim Wegman

A new year means a fresh start; new clubs, perhaps a new golf cart and a new, more positive attitude. To enjoy the game more, put some effort into keeping the course in good shape. If you make a divot, repair it and if you see another one nearby, repair that one. Fix a couple of ball marks on the greens. It may save you from finding your ball in a divot or missing that putt the next time you roll one to the hole along the same line.

Membership. We have new members. Guys, let’s welcome Charles Hughes to the Niners. Nick Angele has recruited John Olson, so welcome John and thanks, Nick. Bruce McCorkle has recruited Tom Marschel, so welcome, Tom and thanks, Bruce. And Erich Tiepel is another new member recruited by Lloyd Schaeffer. Welcome Erich and thanks, Lloyd.

Winners: 01/04/18 One Gross, One Net Lakes. 1st Pat O’Connell, Mike Osborn, John Gaudioso, Don Lewis; 2nd Jim LaBarge, David Mork, Jim Broich, Len Dolins; 3rd Bill Pender, Jack Cook, Bruce Henderson, Carl Schell; 4th Bruce McCorkle, Murray Luther, David Peters; 5th Lloyd Schaeffer, Jim Wegman, Richard Funk, Tom Thibodeau; 6th Dennis Manz, Lynn Thompson, Peter Gerdik, Larry Stadler; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Ron Rudzinski, No. 6 Dennis Manz

01/11 Two Best Net Balls Palms: 1st (tie) Lloyd Schaeffer, Bill Lacey, Don Lewis, Roger Rusche and Marvin Carmickle, Jim Wegman, Bill Whitely, Jim Mendenhall; 3rd Jerry Richards, Lynn Thompson, Murray Luther; 4th Bill Pender, Peter Gerdik, Charles Hughes, Bill Slattery; 5th (three-way tie) Dennis Manz, Jack Cook, Len Dolins, Gerry Regan, Bob Pender, Paul Bopko, Gary Nessel, Bob Deken, Larry Stadler, Jim Broich, Tom Bleier, Larry Stadler; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Charles Hughes, No. 7 Marvin Carmickle

01/18 Low Gross Sonoran/Niners Championship. A Flight 1st Lloyd Schaeffer, 2nd James LaBarge, 3rd (4-way tie) Ron Betti, Bill Pender, Jerry Richards, Jerry Vickery 7th (tie) Ed Allen, Ron Rudzinski; B Flight 1st Bob Hiller, 2nd Charles Hughes, 3rd Bill Whitely, 4th Bill Lacey, 5th (tie) Mike Osborn, Greg Sutton, 7th (tie) Jack Cook, Jim Wegman; C Flight 1st Jim Broich, 2nd Renny Vowell, 3rd Jim Deleo, 4th Murray Luther, 5th (3-way tie) Bruce Henderson, Gerry Regan, Roger Rusche, 8th (4-way tie) Carl Burnham Jr., Richard Funk, Mike Stewart, Tom Thibodeau; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 3 Jim Wegman, No. 8 Charles Hughes

01/25 Low Gross Lakes/Niners Championship. A Flight 1st (tie) Jim LaBarge, Bruce McCorkle, 3rd Lloyd Schaeffer, 4th (tie) Pat O’Connell, Bill Pender, 6th (tie) Jerry Richards, Bill Stoutenberg; B Flight 1st Larry Burke, 2nd Lou Blas, 3rd (4-way tie) Jack Cook, John Gaudioso, Bill Slattery, Jim Wegman, 7th Jordy Primack; C Flight 1st Dave Peters, 2nd (3-way tie) Murray Luther, Gary Nessel, Renny Vowell, 5th (3-way tie) Carl Burnham Jr., Peter Gerdik, Greg Sutton, 8th (tie) Paul Blatnicky, Jim Theobald; Closest-to-the-Pin Honors: No. 2 Lynn Thompson, No. 6 Bill Pender.

Annual Awards Luncheon/Annual Meeting March 29, 2018. Plan to attend.